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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
All the young Druids 
5th-Oct-2009 04:35 pm
After being pretty much a no-show last week, Morgana's story was finally kickstarted in Saturday's Merlin episode. Unfortunately the episode was a bit of a damp squib in the end. Fair enough, being in fear for her life because she keeps making things spontaneously combust would make Morgana pretty scared and jittery, but it did mean no real opportunities for Katie McGrath to be FIERCE! which is what's so great about her in the first place. But I think the main reason I couldn't really get behind this episode was that it reminded me of my least favourite parts of Series One: A lot of people have commented on how the Merlin/Arthur relationship seems to have regressed a bit from where it was last year, and a story where Merlin spends the whole time looking like he's going to "come out" to Morgana just serves as a reminder of how frustrating that particular story arc can be at times. I know it's been strongly hinted that Series 2 will see Merlin finally revealing his powers to Arthur at the very least and possibly others, but I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait for the last episode.

So with that in mind it's probably no surprise that my favourite part this week featured a brief but significant bit of foreshadowing for Morgana. I've always liked how one of the most likeable characters is destined to become the eventual Big Bad, and here we had the first hint of it: Driven by fear, admittedly, but when told that if she doesn't return to Camelot dozens of innocent people will be executed, Morgana wants to save herself instead. Meanwhile the giant scorpion scene was nicely creepy, although once there was an actual army of the things the CGI started to look a bit shonky. And with Mordred's return we got to see how Asa Butterfield must surely be somewhere in the all-time Top 5 of bloody terrifying children. (It's interesting that they brought Mordred back at all; since his role in the original legend doesn't really require him to return until he's an adult, I wonder if they've planning to weave him properly into the story? Or just reinforcing his loyalty to Morgana from a young age?)

Also, I've decided that with his head shaved Colin Salmon is basically the black Patrick Stewart. But that might just be because he said "make it so."
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