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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 29: Karmic reward, please! 
7th-Oct-2009 01:28 pm
This week's Twitter roundup (Twoundup?) includes my final "Plinthwatch" text updates from One & Other - aww...

It's still quite early. Maybe I'll get some work done today. Stranger things have happened.
9:45 AM Sep 30th from web

Why am I so hungry today? Food's going straight through me (not literally, that would be hideous.)
2:05 PM Sep 30th from web

Ugh, I'm clearly getting no writing done today. Bored now.
3:15 PM Sep 30th from web

I'z well honest innit - I gave him a fiver, he gave me change for £20, I corrected him. Karmic reward, please!
7:13 PM Sep 30th from txt

Cool, I've now got a training programme ready for when I start going to the gym without the PT.
12:06 PM Oct 1st from web

Hang on, I just got excited about having to do exercise. I'VE TURNED INTO EVERYTHING I DESPISE!
12:06 PM Oct 1st from web

Blimey, just seen someone get knocked off his motorbike. He seems to be ok though.
3:14 PM Oct 1st from txt

Plinthwatch: Man in 18th Century wig campaining for migrants' rights.
6:50 PM Oct 1st from txt

I think this'll be my last Plinthwatch, I'm not due back in That London until after it's finished.
6:53 PM Oct 1st from txt

Cherry-picker time! Woman with placard saying "Endometriosis." I'm guessing she's against it. Bye bye, One And Other!
7:01 PM Oct 1st from txt

Not entirely surprised the Evening Standard is becoming a freesheet - they've been giving it away at Tube stations for a few weeks now.
11:05 AM Oct 2nd from web

OK, now Joe Absolom has started stalking me. Actually I'm OK with that, funnily enough.
12:41 PM Oct 2nd from txt

@helencairns Please don't make me think about John Krasinsky's sensitive man lump, it's distracting.
6:02 PM Oct 2nd from web in reply to helencairns

Good news: Solved the plotting problem that's been giving me writer's block for the last two weeks.
1:56 AM Oct 3rd from web

Bad news: Did so at 12:45am, have been wide awake with mind buzzing since, when will I get to sleep? :(
1:56 AM Oct 3rd from web

(Obviously overall I'm just pleased to be writing again, but the timing could have been better.)
1:58 AM Oct 3rd from web

Already feeling sleepy. I hope this means I'll finally get a good night's sleep tonight, but I wouldn't bet on it.
7:51 PM Oct 4th from web

Fatigued, fidgety and fractious.
8:34 PM Oct 4th from web

Yeesh, today is dragging. Probably 'cause I'm determined not to have a nap.
2:26 PM Oct 6th from web

Wait, since when did school parties come to plays with mature content warnings?
7:05 PM Oct 6th from txt
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