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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 30: "I'm from a little village, I've never actually left the house before" 
14th-Oct-2009 01:27 pm
As this week's tweets damningly testify, I broke the habit of many years and watched The X Factor at the weekend. I now even have a "Team Dannii" twibbon on my Twitter avatar (well come on, the very suggestion of a Minogue being homophobic is ludicrous; she was stitched up.) Oh well, the good thing about me watching another reality talent show is that at least this year in The X Factor everyone is, almost without exception, awful. Which makes the whole thing pretty funny. Plus there's no chance of me voting and getting all angry etc. Anyway, this week's tweets...

Gym showers today were busiest I've seen them. Sadly totty was so lacking that... well I *was* the totty :(
12:08 PM Oct 7th from web

Yay, Rupert Pendulum-Jones has joined cast of The Priory, and I've already got a ticket :)
1:58 PM Oct 7th from web

This morning did mainly leg exercises with PT. Standing up is now an ordeal. Walking as far as the loo needs lots of deep breaths beforehand
2:21 PM Oct 9th from web

"My training style is, we just keep going, I don't give you time to rest." YES I HAD NOTICED THAT ACTUALLY!
2:22 PM Oct 9th from web

@denniskeesmaat I've had a couple of dodgy next days, but my legs have mostly been OK so maybe it's their turn tomorrow.
2:25 PM Oct 9th from web in reply to denniskeesmaat

Got 6 pages written this afternoon, not bad going at all.
4:53 PM Oct 9th from web

It's not even lunchtime and I'm already bored :( Maybe I'll go for a walk...
11:38 AM Oct 10th from web

You know, I'm sure my musical taste isn't ENTIRELY camptastic. But my iPod's random selections today seem to disagree.
12:49 PM Oct 10th from txt

Why am I watching X-Factor? And why did nobody mention that the Olly bloke was out of tune more often than not?
8:31 PM Oct 10th from web

Is there a legal requirement that all Welsh contestants must say "I'm from a little village, I've never actually left the house before" etc?
9:22 PM Oct 10th from web

Funny how the evil twins are doing a song that doesn't involve much singing. But they're talking out of tune so that's OK.
9:34 PM Oct 10th from web

OMG I'm starting to understand the Cheryl love. "You can't sing, but it's not your fault you're in the final 12."
9:36 PM Oct 10th from web

Bloody hell, 2009 really is the year of celebrity death :( RIP Stephen Gately.
10:46 AM Oct 11th from web

Totty Sunday: Facial hair edition. NO NOT YOU, '70s 'TACHE MAN!
12:48 PM Oct 11th from txt

I've had about 7 of my 5-a-day today. Can I just have 3 tomorrow then?
8:24 PM Oct 11th from web

Robbie's back! And he's still singing godawful shit songs!
8:34 PM Oct 11th from web

Oh dear, Rachel's fucked - presumably they won't upset Louis further by ditching his act.
8:42 PM Oct 11th from web

FFS! I come out of changing room just as uber-hot blond guy is going in? AGAIN? Oh the humanity!
11:48 AM Oct 12th from txt

Sleb Spot: Ben Whishaw @ Royal Court.
10:30 PM Oct 12th from txt

My right bicep is so sore I can't straighten my arm out. Damn you, attempts at physical fitness!
5:37 PM Oct 13th from web

Phoned Dave to see how he is 'cause he's not been too well. Inevitably ended up having half-hour conversation about classic Doctor Who.
7:55 PM Oct 13th from web
14th-Oct-2009 02:23 pm (UTC)
YAY!! now I can talk X Factor with you!
I hate to say this, but this year's set of contestants is probably the best lot so far...aren't you glad you didn't watch any of the earlier series?

Totally agree though that Dannii was set up...nothing to do with Strictly getting all the "Anton du Beke scandal" headlines was it? I thought it was much nastier saying Danyl was unlikeable and arrogant anyway and noone seems to mind that!
Next week will be odd though...wonder if Louis will make the show or not...I was a bit surprised how shocked I was to hear about Stephen Gately - I wasn't a massive fan although I liked him well enough, but for some reason it was a huge shock hearing he'd died. Maybe it's because he always seemed so nice and it seems such a waste to die so young when he'd still got apparently everything going for him. I'm sure it's wrong, but it seems worse when nice people die young.....why can't the evil bastards be the ones to turn their toes up early?
14th-Oct-2009 03:28 pm (UTC)
I thought it was much nastier saying Danyl was unlikeable and arrogant anyway and noone seems to mind that!

Because it's so very accurate.

Obviously you know why I didn't want to start watching any more talent shows, but the fact that it's really hard to care makes it easier to make an exception LOL. And besides it's been years now.

Currently I'm most amused by the fact that there's two distinct reactions to the twins:
(a) Hating how awful they are, wanting them gone and being really angry about the whole thing.
(b) Being hugely amused by all the people in category (a) and wanting the twins to stay for ages to continue pissing them off. Obviously this is the more fun category to be in so that's where I am. Besides, as far as I can tell the main difference between them and the other acts is that the judges seem to have actually noticed how bad they are (hello, Lloyd?)
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