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"But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?"

How glad am I that this year I dropped my usual boycott of TV talent shows in order to watch The X Factor? (Americans and other aliens: It's like the UK version of Idol, except there's four categories - boys/girls/over 25s/groups - and each of the judges mentors one group. It's the show that Leona Lewis won a few years ago.) Very glad, and not because of the talent of the contestants, most of them are awful. Even I can tell that they're out of tune more often than not.

No, it's because in a talent show where most of the acts are bad, the worst act are the most entertaining. In the groups category, there's Irish twins John & Edward ("He's John, he's Edward, together they are... John & Edward!") who in their audition were obnoxiously cocky and completely lacking in any singing ability. Yet they got through to the live shows because Louis Walsh is the groups' mentor and (a) he'll let anyone through as long as they're Irish and (b) just because it annoys Simon Cowell. This turns out to have been a genius move because in a show full of mediocrity, the astonishing awfulness of the twins is a genuine highlight. I was looking forward to them murdering "Oops I Did It Again" last night but I hadn't anticipated how close I'd be to wetting myself with laughter. Even watching it again I laugh every time. Gasp! At the costumes. Marvel! At how they even get the opening "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah"s out of tune. Wonder! At dance moves so uncoordinated you can just about spot the bit where one of them accidentally punches the other. And just when I already thought it was the funniest thing on TV all year, there's what they do just after the 1 minute mark on the clip... By this point I was having trouble breathing.

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