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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
If you strike her down she will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine 
22nd-Nov-2009 05:51 pm
Today's looking YouTube-tastic here on So anyway, as another Children in Need clip really needs to go here before I go on to review this week's Merlin. It's the Merlin cast's CiN fundraising video for this year, and don't lie, your mind went to exactly the same place as mine just before the 1-minute mark.

As for the actual episode this week, unless there's some obscure little bit of Arthurian myth I've never heard of, this was an interesting origin story in the sense that you didn't expect there to be an origin story for the Lady of the Lake - which is implicitly who Freya will become after her death, unless the episode title was just a massive and rather pointless mislead. (Speaking of which, what's the deal with this year's episode titles sometimes appearing in the opening and sometimes in the closing credits? Make your mind up, Shine Group for BBC Cymru.) Anyway, this episode is basically about Merlin falling in love with a druid girl who's a sort of werewolf, except the creature she turns into is called, I could swear Gaius said, a Bastard. To be honest there were lots of nice things going on this week but clearly the only thing anyone noticed was GAYWATCH!

Yes, possibly to make up for the fact that Merlin kissed a girl (and liked it,) this week's episode turned up the Merlin/Arthur (Martha?) slash to 11. Hey look, it's Arthur in a towel! (*thud*) And what's this, he and Merlin are having a bit of a water-fight. OK... Oh and now Merlin's stealing Arthur's food (specifically sausages, ifyouknowwhaddimean,) Arthur saying Merlin has his complete trust, the big male bonding scene at the end. Plus the running gag where Merlin keeps telling Arthur he's not fat but... in the passive-aggressive way of a long-term couple. And of course the misunderstanding where people think Merlin cross-dresses, especially the fact that Gwen is amused but apparently not in the least bit surprised by this. (And the cross-dressing gag was the only reason for a rather annoying plot point where in order to disguise Freya Merlin figured he's steal one of Morgana's dresses, i.e. the closest thing Camelot has to female royalty and someone whose frocks probably don't blend in too well down at the market.)

So in summary, there was an episode with lots of acting and story an ting, but mainly there was loads of hot Merlin/Arthur action because this show knows its fanbase. In other, not-that-surprising news, Merlin's third season has apparently been commissioned, and will start filming in the spring.
(Deleted comment)
22nd-Nov-2009 07:57 pm (UTC)
He probably doesn't get asked to do it as much any more, people probably just ask him to say "sossery!"
22nd-Nov-2009 08:23 pm (UTC)
Sad to say, my mind went to exactly the same place as yours during the CiN clip....

I also had the same thought about Merlin choosing Morgana's dress to steal of all people, but I rationalised it in my head as Merlin thinking she was the only one who could afford to lose a dress, everyone else being too poor....
22nd-Nov-2009 10:01 pm (UTC)
Sad to say, my mind went to exactly the same place as yours during the CiN clip....

The "aren't you forgetting something?" and the eyebrow-raise don't exactly help.
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