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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twins peaked 
22nd-Nov-2009 09:38 pm
One more YouTube for today, and it's the last appearance by Jedward, as they went home tonight. But first, when I found out what this week's theme was likely to be, this is what I tweeted:

If it *is* Wham day on Saturday, then surely "Wham Rap"? #songsthatjedwardshouldsing
1:14 PM Nov 18th from web

And then this is what happened:

So obviously I have psychic powers (I also predicted what Louis would say about the rule book after Joe's song.)

Anyway, to be honest this looked very likely to be their last show because it actually wasn't funny this time around, not helped by the camerawork which seemed designed not to actually show what was going on onstage, so any comedy slipups would go unnoticed. I kinda wanted them to stay one more week so we could watch the show in the pub after next week's coffee posse, but ah well - I think the joke had run its course.

Actually even funnier this week was who else ended up in the Bottom 2 with them - Olly, he of the dad-at-a-wedding dancing that we're supposed to find sexy or something. For some reason he's become the favourite to win the whole show and was getting rather pleased with himself so I think the look on his and Simon's faces were probably worth losing Jedward for. Plus, even though she saved him in the end, Dame Dannii of Minogue toyed with Olly like a cat with a mouse before giving her casting vote. Which was nice. Anyway, now I'm free again on Saturday nights to do, er, oh, whatever it is I was doing before X Factor.
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