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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Just in case I don't get to enough theatre already 
24th-Dec-2009 05:52 pm
Something for everyone, this, but I'm particularly thinking of triomakesmehot who is starved for live theatre. Call it a Christmas present, albeit one she'll have to pay for herself ;) This website, Digital Theatre, launched a couple of months ago and lets you download performances of plays by leading UK theatre companies the Royal Court, Young Vic, Almeida, English Touring Theatre and the RSC. There's only four shows available so far, but two of them are ones I saw earlier this year - so if you've read one of my theatre reviews and wished you'd seen the production, this might be your chance. There's Kafka's Monkey, which as you can probably guess from my review I've downloaded myself despite already having seen it, Kathryn Hunter really is a unique performer. And there's Parlour Song which I also gave a good review to at the time. And as an added bonus for triomakesmehot, both the above feature Potter actors - Hunter was Mrs Figg, and Toby Jones from Parlour Song is the voice of Dobby.

Plus in the "coming soon" category there's already a trailer up for Over There with Luke and Harry Treadaway, the play from which the avatar I'm using here comes. So you can watch that if you want to know what the hell that picture's all about (although I'm not promising you'll be any the wiser if you do watch it, to be honest.) I know it's not the same as actually getting to go to the shows but if you don't live anywhere near London I'd have thought it would be worth trying out.
25th-Dec-2009 04:43 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'll definitely check this out ... if I survive Christmas. The jury is till out on that as there is one more family gathering yet to go.

Can I safely assume the packet I sent you for Christmas hasn't arrived yet? I should've mailed it a bit earlier than I did, but the first time I went to the post office, the line was out the door and I was on lunch break and couldn't wait that long.

Happy Christmas anyway!
25th-Dec-2009 11:57 am (UTC)
Aw, thanks for whatever it is (and never mind, nothing wrong with getting a late Xmas present to cheer up January a bit!)

Happy Christmas!
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