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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
26th-Dec-2009 03:48 pm
Because, right, Ten, and penultimate episode, so Tenultimate, see? Oh suit yourselves. Anyway, not a full on review because this was only half the story, but I think we can all agree that the main thing to be said about "The End of Time - Part One" is WHAT? EH? HUH? WHAT THE HELL? I know too much exposition is a bad thing but there's such a thing as not enough, as well. It's particularly bonkers that in an episode with both Brian Cox and Timothy Dalton as pseudo-narrators we get no actual clue what's going on. I mean all through this series of specials we've had vague prophecies of doom, this being the last story could we not find out what's actually going on? There'd better be a lot of good explanations on New Year's Day because so far this has been yet another RTD "wouldn't it be cool if..." episode where lots of impressive-looking things happen for no reason. While John Simm's a highlight, The Master especially is a victim of this problem. He's basically brought back to life like Voldemort, without even one of those offhand gibberish explanations for why this is "space science" and not magic. And then the spell goes wrong thanks to Fierce!Lucy Saxon (one of the good things about the ep) and turns The Master into a cross between Gerard Way, Skeletor, Emperor Palpatine and Sonic the Hedgehog. For no reason we need to be troubled with.

Elsewhere we've got Wilf being awesome, with a Claire Bloom only he can see, and who "The Internet" seems convinced is Romana, plus Donna seeming to be Remembering by the end, dribbly Timothy Dalton as the President of the Time Lords, and Nina from Being Human as a cactus. All fun on their own, but throw them all together and it's as if RTD's making sure we're happy to see the back of him, especially as his successor's plots have so far been satisfyingly intricate. Dear Part Two, please be at least a bit good, ta.

Anyway better dash - after Doctor Who with David Tennant, Buzzcocks with David Tennant, Catherine Tate Xmas Special with David Tennant and QI with David Tennant I could do with a change, and it's nearly time for Hamlet with David Tenn... oh.
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