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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Nick's blatantly under-researched 2009 review: Etc 
31st-Dec-2009 09:48 pm
A couple of hours to go and I've just realised this is mobile broadband, the mobile networks go haywire at midnight on New Year's so no time to waste: Time for my last blog entry of 2009, the annual roundup of the good, bad and indifferent that doesn't fit into any of the previous year-review categories. Although this year's will be pretty short and sweet because in my personal life things have been dominated by one major event:

- I was threatened with redundancy at work.
- I rather spectacularly turned this situation around, as it turns out this was just an empty threat aimed at making me change my working hours.
- Instead I chose to take voluntary redundancy, which ended up feeling like an immense relief.
- Since August I've been a "man of leisure" but have managed to write most of the first draft of a play I've had in mind for years, The Control Room.
- Although I've had bad writer's block for the last couple of months as I near the final few scenes but I'm quietly confident I'm nearing the end of that.
- In September I started going to the gym. And I'm still going, and even (mostly) enjoying it.
- I lost a stone (14lbs, Americans and other aliens,) in the first month. I need to lose at least 2-3 stone more, but my weight's stayed steady since; however my waist seems to be decreasing at a steady rate judging by my trousers, so I'm hoping the lack of weight loss is attributable to me putting on muscle, not that there is, as yet, any actual muscle visible but give it time.
- I got given cake by Celia Imrie. I know!
- I joined Twitter and found myself addicted to telling everyone my HIGHLY IMPORTANT thoughts at all hours of the day and night.
- I got into another one of those weird online feuds a bit like with Chinderella last year. Honestly, I write lovely things about 90% of people I talk about on here, when is one of them going to google themselves and say hello? And offer me sex? I mean, if it's someone I fancy, not just someone I like in a strictly platonic way 'cause I might not be interested and refusal may cause offence.
- Speaking of which, I was going out with someone for a while.
- But it didn't work out.
- We've stayed friends though.

And I think that'll do as an annual roundup of what happened in me-world (heh, it's a bit like one of those photocopied letters people used to put in their Christmas cards, come to think of it. Like in the very first Simpsons episode.) Hope you had a good 2009, and have a great 2010, puny humans!
2nd-Jan-2010 08:25 pm (UTC)
Wonderful summary, especially the cake!

Happy New year 2010 and good theatregoing
2nd-Jan-2010 08:33 pm (UTC)
Cake is needless to say at the heart of everything.

And thanks, Happy New 2010 to you as well.
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