nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Twitter ye not 43: Drop everything and entertain me

Oh I see, so nobody cared about my bowling score last week. Well sod yer, I'm going to keep posting my weekly tweets anyway. So ner.

There's snow in That London; the world does not appear to have ended. So I guess we can say the forecasts were 50% right. #uksnow
9:10 AM Jan 6th from web

@stevenperkins Once again the Express has misinterpreted the word "Global" as meaning "Surrey."
12:16 PM Jan 6th from web in reply to stevenperkins

I try not to believe in omens but after the last week it's hard not to worry about the year ahead.
5:53 PM Jan 6th from txt

Bloody hell, slept for nearly 10 hours straight. That's what trudging through the snow does to you I guess.
11:06 AM Jan 7th from web

In this weather my hands look like old lady claws. Oh noes I'm Madonna! :(
3:33 PM Jan 7th from web

Sleb Spot: Darth Lloyd Webber, Menier Chocolate Factory.
10:47 PM Jan 7th from txt

Filming on "Joe Swash believes in ghosts" had to be halted when it turned out most ghosts don't actually believe in Joe Swash.
5:39 PM Jan 8th from web

"A grown man with the voice of a toddler on helium? I'd say pull the other one if it was still attached to me" said the head of Anne Boleyn.
5:43 PM Jan 8th from web

Dear Nimax Theatres, if you're going to take the piss with ticket prices, maybe you could spend some of the cash on a website that works?
8:04 PM Jan 8th from web

Why is the world suddenly overrun with Camilla Parker-Bowles lookalikes? It's freaky. And ugly.
1:35 PM Jan 9th from txt

I bought a fan heater. Sorry, carbon footprint, but it was that or hibernation.
2:53 PM Jan 9th from web

Happiness Is A Warm Man With The Golden Gun #beatlesbond
6:52 PM Jan 9th from web

Worst thing about early '80s Dr Who? The incidental music. "Jingle jangle plinky plonk whistle bleep." Yes, even worse than Adric.
8:48 PM Jan 9th from web

24 hours to new Being Human. Not that I'm counting or anything.
9:30 PM Jan 9th from web

Dear QI: Please to not be inviting Sandi Toksvig on again, I'm starting to forget what the other guests' voices sound like.
9:57 PM Jan 9th from web

@rad6380 New Heroes opened with Claire getting a "hilariously" annoying new roomate so I'm not holding my breath.
10:24 PM Jan 9th from web in reply to rad6380

I'm almost impressed by how bad the Heroes season premiere was. It must have taken quite some effort to make it so dull.
11:38 PM Jan 9th from web

I love how half the twitterverse is excited for Being Human tonight. #beinghuman
4:29 PM Jan 10th from web

Speaking of which, 5 hours to go... #beinghuman
4:32 PM Jan 10th from web

Alexandra BURKE, are you sure you don't mean "we can do it better *even* in broken heels?" 'Cause that would make more sense.
4:50 PM Jan 10th from web

Is this icey show the one where the "celebs" are all fucking their partners on the side? Oh no wait, the partners are pro ice skaters, so no
7:08 PM Jan 10th from web

Although I'm guessing Spock from Hollyoaks is going to find the odd "like-minded" friend to help with the stress. #dancingonice
7:09 PM Jan 10th from web

"Charity Campaigner" Heather Mills? I thought her job description was "Attempted Black Widow." #dancingonice
8:13 PM Jan 10th from web

"I lost my leg crossing the road." She makes it sound like she dropped it down a drain. #dancingonice
8:15 PM Jan 10th from web

One hour to go. Yeesh it'd better be good, it's not like there's a lot of anticipation or anything. #beinghuman
8:28 PM Jan 10th from web

@sutty76 Whereas I thought it was very "season premiere," taking a while to get going and not entirely focused. #beinghuman
10:38 PM Jan 10th from web in reply to sutty76

@sutty76 But still probably a 7-ish score from me as well. #beinghuman
10:39 PM Jan 10th from web in reply to sutty76

But oh Russell, shaving *down there*? *sadface* #beinghuman
11:46 PM Jan 10th from web

A Reasonably Attractive Mind #pointlessprequels
12:34 PM Jan 11th from web

RT @helencairns 6ix #pointlessprequels
12:48 PM Jan 11th from web

19,999 Leagues Under the Sea #pointlessprequels
12:50 PM Jan 11th from web

What? No of course I didn't have a rude Tovey-related dream last night. What do you think I am, obsessed?
1:11 PM Jan 11th from web

When I'm bored, I actually get slightly offended that the world doesn't drop everything and entertain me.
7:21 PM Jan 11th from web

@helencairns Whenever I see the title "Breaking Dawn" I think "Breaking Wind" and giggle. I am nine.
9:50 PM Jan 11th from web in reply to helencairns

"This is where our daughter or gay son will sleep." Heh. #glee
10:17 PM Jan 11th from web

All of a sudden I can feel all the chest work I did in the gym this morning. Ouchie.
11:37 PM Jan 11th from web

I wonder if I'll come out of hibernation mode any time soon, or is January pretty much a lost cause?
1:13 PM Jan 12th from web

Yay the ice is gone, I can walk in a straight line again. (Bet it snows again now.)
4:51 PM Jan 12th from txt
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