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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 44: Riverdancing by teatime 
20th-Jan-2010 05:59 pm
A relatively quiet Twitter week (tweek?) for me, although it started with some excitement as that's when the whole Tomasz Schafernaker thing happened. For the benefit of Americans and other aliens, Tomasz Schafernaker is a BBC TV weatherman, previously best known for once accidentally offending Scotland, and for occasionally getting the giggles on screen. Then last week he unexpectedly appeared on the front cover of gay magazine Attitude's new fitness supplement, and let's say people were slightly interested in this. Purely in the interests of science, here is the aforementioned cover photo in case the link below ever stops working.

Oh dear, now I fear my collected tweets from the week may appear slightly anticlimactic. Well I did live-tweet Popstar to Operastar and there were a few of those fun Twitter word games again... Hello? Come back!

*cough* *splutter* RT @merseytart http://brizzly.com/pic/12EB - Tomasz Schafernaker in this month's Attitude. Drooling slightly.
12:20 PM Jan 13th from web

Sleb spot from last night: Dame Josie Lawrence, coming out of Duke of York's Theatre having watched Twelth Night.
12:51 PM Jan 13th from web

Porn #inappropriatepinatafillings
2:06 PM Jan 13th from web

Gary Glitter #inappropriatepinatafillings
2:31 PM Jan 13th from web

RT @helencairns Yoghurt #inappropriatepinatafillings
2:32 PM Jan 13th from web

The bloodsoaked head of Tinky Winky #inappropriatepinatafillings
2:38 PM Jan 13th from web

RT @Chrisrubery Newly coined : "Sharonfreude" - the sense of joy felt at bad or embarassing things happening to Sharon Osbourne.
3:46 PM Jan 13th from web

*That* issue of Attitude's just arrived in the post. Don't expect to see me for a while.
11:52 AM Jan 14th from web

"We want your doof-doofs." Oddly threatening-sounding Eastenders advert.
2:14 PM Jan 14th from web

Yikes, that old man's face was scary. Not mocking the afflicted, honest; just genuinely disconcerted by the afflicted.
12:24 PM Jan 15th from web

Wait, Meatloaf and Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen are opera professionals since when now? #popstartooperastar
9:06 PM Jan 15th from web

Oh Meatloaf turns out to be a mentalist. There's a surprise. #popstartooperastar
9:12 PM Jan 15th from web

@Poptastic "I thought I'd wrap myself in some mouldy old bandages." "Go for it, what could possibly go wrong?" #popstartooperastar
9:14 PM Jan 15th from web in reply to Poptastic

To be fair Kym, you didn't expect to be singing *anything* in front of an audience ever again. #popstartooperastar
9:19 PM Jan 15th from web

Yeesh Nolan, way to milk your mum WHO IS DEAD #popstartooperastar
10:12 PM Jan 15th from web

Why did Nolan get the Pimp Slot? Even out of that lot, is she really the main attraction? #popstartooperastar
10:18 PM Jan 15th from web

Whoopsie, I guess Alex didn't get the "John Sergeant" comedy vote. #popstartooperastar
10:34 PM Jan 15th from web

One of those Christian rally posters seems to promise to heal the sick. Dear Advertising Standards Authority...
1:30 PM Jan 16th from txt

I'd love if the ASA demanded proof of miracles. "If Stephen Hawking isn't Riverdancing by teatime, you're nicked!"
1:33 PM Jan 16th from txt

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's Stevie from Miranda at my gym. That's what she's done today to make her feel proud.
12:08 PM Jan 17th from txt

Don't Look Now (Princess Diana's behind you) #dailymailfilms
6:56 PM Jan 17th from web

It's Not Complicated, Like All Possible Topics It Can Easily Be Discussed in Black-and-White terms #dailymailfilms
7:06 PM Jan 17th from web

Cold Mountain Because Global Warming Doesn't Exist #dailymailfilms
7:07 PM Jan 17th from web

Girl With A Pearl Earring Is Looking A Bit Fat Lately #dailymailfilms
8:13 PM Jan 17th from web

Is The Vampire Diaries as bad as it looks in the trailer? Is *anything* as bad as that trailer looks?
8:35 PM Jan 17th from web

*tsk* RSC, how wasteful - THREE identical mailouts, each with my name spelt slightly differently. And all for shows I've already booked for.
12:45 PM Jan 18th from web
20th-Jan-2010 07:24 pm (UTC)
Whoa! We don't have any anchormen like that here :(
20th-Jan-2010 10:26 pm (UTC)
To be fair we didn't realise we did either, until he did this. Of course now people are claiming they could always tell from when they have "dress-down" days:

Edited at 2010-01-20 10:26 pm (UTC)
20th-Jan-2010 08:24 pm (UTC)
Umm, dare I ask what "stunning secret" he reveals???
20th-Jan-2010 10:31 pm (UTC)
Don't get too excited, as far as I can tell the stunning secret is the one you can see here, i.e. what he looks like when he's not doing the weather. I thought it might be a "stunning exercise secret" for how he got to look like that, but if it is then "exercise loads and don't eat anything remotely interesting" is pretty much all I can get from the article. This is how people are used to seeing him: (I've posted a different one in the comment above too.)

(Deleted comment)
20th-Jan-2010 10:37 pm (UTC)
Didn't you know about TS' photoshoot yet?

Ahem, I can't imagine how this happened, but you seem to have passed right over my opening paragraph and looked straight at the photo. Funny where your eye is drawn sometimes eh? Yep I knew about it, this is my weekly Twitter roundup and a week ago, for some reason, this was all anyone could tweet about ;)

And apparently he lives in London with his flat mates...

And he goes to a Virgin Active gym according to the Attitude article, but he doesn't say which one - honestly Tomasz, do you want to be stalked or don't you?
(Deleted comment)
20th-Jan-2010 11:01 pm (UTC)
No. I meant that I was surprised you hadn't blogged it previously :)

Heh, I would have but I knew I'd have an excuse to post it here. And I wondered if it might make this a bit more popular than my usual Twitter roundups. *looks up at comments* Hmmmm....
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