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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Buffy 8.17 - "Turbulence" 
27th-Jan-2010 03:42 pm
I've had a few Buffy Season 8 posts to do in a row because the "Retreat" arc finished and was followed by two one-off stories, but after this it'll probably be a few months before I return to the series as another longer arc starts next issue. For now, Joss Whedon's "Turbulence" ties up the loose ends from "Retreat," a bit quickly for my liking, and it's all a bit deus-ex-machina as defeating the Earth Goddesses involves Buffy being able to fly unaided. At least she's really bloody freaked out by this new addition to her superpowers, so it's not like we're meant to just sit back and accept it. Elsewhere there's a kickoff for the next arc, as Twilight, whose identity is completely secret and totally hasn't leaked, has kidnapped Giles, Faith and Andrew. The others haven't noticed this yet due to the entire armies of wounded they're currently surrounded by.

The main emotional base of the issue though is to have Buffy confront the new Xander/Dawn romance, and to an extent accept it. At least this storyline works well, whatever you think of the pairing itself. I particularly liked the very in-character way Joss has Buffy react initially when she confronts Xander: By trying to convince him (and herself) that after all these years she's finally reciprocating the feelings he had for her at the start. Also nicely in-character is Xander not falling for it in the slightest, having moved on more than Buffy would have actually noticed. I'm not going to grump too much about Buffy's flight power itself, as I would hope there's a relevant explanation on its way, but I'm still not crazy about how quickly it was used to resolve what looked like a much bigger cliffhanger.

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