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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twitter ye not 46: Everything's 3D 
3rd-Feb-2010 02:45 pm
I guess the main "theme" of my tweets in the last week has been me going on about my back pain in a desperate plea for sympathy. It didn't really work. Oh and if you're thinking of trying the Google thing of Chris Addison's that I RT'd, maybe don't do it while you're eating. Especially not if it's fish.

Got my first invite to a civil partnership in the post this morning!
12:24 PM Jan 27th from web

@sutty76 No, I think the theme is "dress as if you're going to a civil partnership."
12:53 PM Jan 27th from web in reply to sutty76

I've booked a doctor's appointment for my back pain, just to be on the safe side.
2:48 PM Jan 27th from web

This Natural History Museum flier has pictures of insects, and a real squashed fly in it. Everything's 3D these days.
6:59 PM Jan 27th from txt

No gym for 2 weeks, have to rest my back doctor says. Watch the fat pile back on... :(
10:45 AM Jan 28th from web

I like it when "doctor's orders" coincide with what I wanted to do anyway, i.e. nothing.
3:35 PM Jan 28th from web

Watching #skins from last night. The credits get more CBeebies every year.
1:38 PM Jan 29th from web

Hey Pauline Quirke's still alive! That's nice for her #skins
1:44 PM Jan 29th from web

I like how this Simon Day poet character on #bellamyspeople is TOTALLY NOT Alan Bennett.
2:44 PM Jan 29th from web

Watching Jedward on @wossy is making my IQ drop by the minute.
10:53 PM Jan 29th from web

Heh, Hard Stools on @wossy
11:24 PM Jan 29th from web

Oops Kim Cattrall you've been rehearsing 3 weeks with Matthew MacFadyen and called him Michael?
11:28 PM Jan 29th from web

So far, in less pain after a night's sleep. Then again I thought that yesterday and was almost in tears by the evening.
10:39 AM Jan 30th from web

Off to see Dame Celia of Imrie on stage again in a bit. Although more cake may be a bit much to expect.
12:35 PM Jan 30th from web

Having a coffee while wandering round Hays Galleria, feels like YEARS since I was last here. And probably is.
2:26 PM Jan 30th from txt

Hmm, maybe Atonement *wasn't* the ideal DVD to cheer up my stuck-in-bed Sunday.
4:22 PM Jan 31st from web

Doing nothing has helped my back, but it's drained my energy levels. I think I could sleep 24/7 if I didn't need pee breaks.
3:16 PM Feb 1st from web

RT @mrchrisaddison Open www.google.co.uk, type "Why does" into the search box. Look at the drop down list. First one. Woah!
5:28 PM Feb 1st from web

Off to bowling in a bit. Obviously won't actually be doing any bowling myself, just going to be social, like.
5:55 PM Feb 1st from web

I'm not looking at the last few hours' tweets 'cause I haven't seen Only Connect yet.
10:45 PM Feb 1st from web

Ooh, slightly cheap-looking Being Human spinoff novels have arrived - that'll keep me going once Series 2 ends.
12:20 PM Feb 2nd from web

Oh no that's fine, drive quickly past a red light when you can see a pedestrian trying to cross. Nothing can go wrong.
3:06 PM Feb 2nd from txt

I'm Staying In #popepop
4:11 PM Feb 2nd from web

Single Ladies (aka Nuns) #popepop
4:14 PM Feb 2nd from web

Pontiff U Seek Amy #popepop
4:18 PM Feb 2nd from web

Peggy-Sue Got Married TO A MAN, AS IS GOD'S WILL! #popepop
4:21 PM Feb 2nd from web

Iggy Pope #popepop
4:25 PM Feb 2nd from web

I think this Caffè Nero barista fancies himself as Tom Cruise in Cocktail. With hot drinks, is that wise?
7:03 PM Feb 2nd from txt

@sutty76 Depends on the barista. With some of the Caffe Neros I've frequented in the past, I wouldn't have minded if they'd got friendly.
10:26 PM Feb 2nd from web in reply to sutty76

18 years after the production first opened, I review An Inspector Calls. Breaking news innit. http://nick730.livejournal.com/406088.html
11:05 PM Feb 2nd from web
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