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Twitter ye not 50: I'll be stalking you

This time last week I was on Twitter impatiently waiting for Damages to start. Not much has changed. By the way, Americans and other aliens, we only started Season 3 last week over here, so if you watch it no spoilers please! (And if you don't watch Damages, what on earth is wrong with you?) Anyway, here's the last week's worth of tweets:

Dear personal trainer, feel free to introduce me to the guy you trained after me *unf*
11:50 AM Feb 24th via txt

What's @CherylKerl going to call herself now? Back to @CherylTwerder? Or will she keep her married name, like Sersen Sarandern did?
12:17 PM Feb 24th via web

You're so ugly, you're having a negative effect on property prices #middleclassinsults
12:20 PM Feb 24th via web

Bah, still over an hour until Damages. So bored, I've just vacuumed for fun. Well, for fun and also to find out what colour the carpet is.
9:34 PM Feb 24th via web

One episode and I'm already more excited about Season 3 than I was about S2. #damages
11:45 PM Feb 24th via web

Now as long as they can avoid the plot revolving around 37 identical-looking middle aged white men, we should be in business #damages
11:48 PM Feb 24th via web

So Charmin is now Cushelle? I guess people would rather wipe their arse on a koala than a bear.
3:29 PM Feb 25th via web

Sleb Spot: Jason Watkins, The Strand. That's HERRICK, BITCHES! Er, Herrick in a flat-cap.
10:21 PM Feb 25th via txt

Thought The Bubble was a lot better this week. Although that might just be 'cause I want to *do things* to Jon Richardson.
10:40 PM Feb 26th via web

Man at gym with curly hair, 'tache and pierced right ear. Any '70s gay cliches he missed?
11:12 AM Feb 27th via web

I think maybe he actually *was* Mouse from Tales of the City.
11:12 AM Feb 27th via web

Holy Cow Pie #religiousdishes
11:35 AM Feb 27th via web

Pretty busy in the R&C tonight, they were auctioning the barmen for charity. NO I DID NOT BID, what are you suggesting?
10:09 PM Feb 27th via txt

Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be stalking you #literalpopsongs
10:27 PM Feb 27th via web

Baby you can drive my car, in return for oral #literalpopsongs
10:30 PM Feb 27th via web

Is being forced to eat sour yoghurt a major social problem I was unaware of? #perledelait
7:52 PM Feb 28th via web

"I can't go down any more." I would have thought half of Jordan's career was based on going down.
8:30 PM Feb 28th via web

@sutty76 Well it can't have been for her downstairs area, he could jump in there head-first without her even noticing.
8:41 PM Feb 28th via web in reply to sutty76

Lash of the Mohicans #eyefilms
5:44 PM Mar 1st via web

Eye Society #eyefilms
5:46 PM Mar 1st via web

Who says bingo isn't glamorous? Dozens of old women with 'taches smoking & grumbling outside bingo hall would disagree!
6:56 PM Mar 1st via txt

I should point out I myself am not here for the bingo. I'm here for the 10-pin bowling, which is WAY cooler.
6:58 PM Mar 1st via txt

Oh STOP SHOUTING, man on radio in the launderette!
11:06 AM Mar 2nd via txt

What? A hot bus driver? Since when's that been possible?
11:02 PM Mar 2nd via txt
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