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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: Stardust 
14th-Mar-2010 06:45 pm
I'd read Stardust years ago but it was the original, illustrated version and I thought it might be fun to read Neil Gaiman's slightly rewritten version. It is a shame to lose Charles Vess' illustrations but at least this version isn't as cumbersome so I could read it on the bus. And fortunately Gaiman's fairytale has enough charm to work its magic without any help from Vess, although some images from the book came back to me as I was reading, as did scenes from the recent movie adaptation. I still loved the book as straight prose, and although the film was faithful there was one change I found particularly interesting as I'd forgotten how it originally happened in the book: The changes made to how the witch's (played in the film by Michelle Pfeiffer) story ended were completely understandable as the book's ending wouldn't have worked in a movie, but the very different ending in the original is interesting and quite moving. It's a shame there's so many books I still want to read that I don't often get the chance to go back and revisit old favourites but I should try to now and then as this was fun to read again.
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