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I know when I do a geeky fanboy video post on a Friday people aren't as fussed as when I do a hot-boy-with-his-top-off Friday post, but tough, basically. We're just over a week away from Easter weekend which, much more importantly, means we're just over a week away from the new series of Doctor Who. Two trailers: First the BBC one...

...and next the BBC America one (like the Christmas specials, they're showing them soon after the UK broadcast this time around.) Actually this trailer is better, largely because you can actually hear the dialogue over the music.

Cybermen though, really? I know the Beeb insisted on Daleks to help ease the transition to a new team but at this rate there won't be room for any new baddies (which'd be a particular shame now The Moff's in charge since he's proved so good at coming up with iconic new ways to scare kids.) Anyway, I think we can start counting down now:

8 (days) to Eleven(th Doctor.)
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