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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 2: I like spiders 
31st-Mar-2010 03:49 pm
This week on Twitter, I watched slightly more of Dancing on Ice than I usually do because it was the Final, and mainly tweeted about what a git Gary Lucy is. Then I was happy he didn't win. Hey, did the ITV1 voting public finally see sense and stop voting for him because of my contemptuous twittering? I don't want to be arrogant and assume I have influence over the workings of the Universe, so I'll simply say: Probably.

These KFC krush things - who exactly identified a market for milkshakes that look like snot?
9:58 AM Mar 24th via txt

That wake at the pub across the road has been going on for HOURS. They must be WELL glad he's dead.
2:58 PM Mar 24th via txt

Not-quite-a-sleb spot: Her who was the bug lady the Master killed in Dr Who. Queueing at the Finborough theatre.
6:58 PM Mar 24th via txt

*tsk* is Hot Actor not coming back for the post-show talk? FAIL.
9:44 PM Mar 24th via txt

Post-show talk = playwright vs Margaret Hodge MP, gloves off, BLOOD ON THE CARPET!
10:36 PM Mar 24th via txt

Wait, Craig David's a UN envoy? Where does he find the time? I thought he was busy all week.
6:39 PM Mar 25th via txt

Dreaming about copyright infringement. FFS, did my subconscious run out of flying elephants? http://nick730.livejournal.com/422294.html
12:32 PM Mar 26th via web

Blimey, there's still auction shows on at this time of day? What's the official cut-off for when real telly starts?
6:55 PM Mar 26th via web

Wow that spider was MASSIVE! I like spiders but that one had to go out the window, it would have counted as a pet.
9:16 PM Mar 26th via txt

Gone to the gym 11 days in a row, is that a record? (No, a record is what they put music on before CDs.)
10:47 AM Mar 27th via txt

@helencairns There are a number of fitties there, but mainly it's because I'm awesome.
11:02 AM Mar 27th via web in reply to helencairns

@helencairns Totally buff. (Trans: I sort of have triceps now if you look closely and suspend disbelief a bit.)
11:06 AM Mar 27th via web in reply to helencairns

Just got told "You're wearing horizontal stripes and you're still looking thinner. Bastard." Yay!
5:02 PM Mar 27th via txt

New polite way of saying someone's got big boobs: "She's got a cleavage that screams titwank." I meet the classiest people.
9:46 PM Mar 27th via txt

Straights! New chat-up line for you: "Your cleavage is screaming titwank and I'm all ears."
9:53 PM Mar 27th via txt

Gary Lucy as Superman: World says "Suddenly Brandon Routh looks good." #doi
8:24 PM Mar 28th via web

After all that exercising, today has been mainly aboout food and naps. (Although I did also walk a lot.)
8:33 PM Mar 28th via web

What, Gary Lucy has a daughter? You'd think he might have mentioned it before, in passing or something. #doi
8:49 PM Mar 28th via web

Actual living, breathing humans spent money to vote for Gary Lucy. *loses faith in humanity* #doi
9:11 PM Mar 28th via web

This would be the same Gary Lucy who just now saw no reason to applaud Keiron until the camera was on him #doi
9:12 PM Mar 28th via web

@stevenperkins Ah well. At least he's newly unemployed. *Schadenfreude-tastic* #doi
9:15 PM Mar 28th via web in reply to stevenperkins

"We've wiped the slate clean because it's our last chance to grab some of your lovely voting money." #doi
9:17 PM Mar 28th via web

Thank fuck for small mercies #doi
9:56 PM Mar 28th via web

Daddy didn't win India! He LOST. (DOI *and* his job.) Also, there's no Santa Claus. #doi
9:57 PM Mar 28th via web

I might have to start watching Film 2010 purely for Winkleman.
12:16 PM Mar 29th via web

Sleb Spot: Jeremy Irons, Swiss Cottage.
7:03 PM Mar 29th via txt

I've been warned this is a long play but a playtext as thick as a bible is still disconcerting.
7:19 PM Mar 29th via txt

Sleb(ish) spot: The fit Bane assistant bloke from the Sarah Jane pilot ep, peeing next to me at Hampstead Theatre. No, I didn't see it.
9:11 PM Mar 29th via txt

*squee* new Dr Who Radio Times cover! (Blimey the TARDIS is rather orange, isn't it?)
11:32 AM Mar 30th via txt

I'm going to assume that cute usher is hanging around here to catch my attention. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.
7:21 PM Mar 30th via txt

Sleb Spot: Bryan Dick from Being Human @ Young Vic. He tiny! (Tiny = roughly same height as me.)
9:30 PM Mar 30th via txt

(3 to Eleven)
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