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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 3: "Saying thank you kills the fairies" 
7th-Apr-2010 04:33 pm
A fairly quiet week on Twitter for me - I saw a lot of theatre worth commenting on (that's not necessarily a good thing as you'll recall if you've seen some of my reviews...) so that seems to be a running theme of my tweets, as does, unsurprisingly, Doctor Who at the weekend.

Why, when the clocks have only gone forward one hour, has it knocked my body clock out of whack by at least three?
9:19 AM Mar 31st via web

I think the scarf will have to go back on when I go out tonight. I was hoping it wouldn't be needed again until next winter but ah well.
3:42 PM Mar 31st via web

Legz Akimbo Theatre Company is alive and well.
9:11 PM Mar 31st via txt

@nick00031 Seriously though. "Let's stand looking in different directions, saying random phrases while the man in the middle looks sad"
10:17 PM Mar 31st via web in reply to nick00031

@nick00031 Worst thing was one of them looking straight at me throughout, really hard trying not to just laugh in his face.
10:18 PM Mar 31st via web in reply to nick00031

Dear Jodie Prenger, 11:20 is actually a LATER time than 10:40, kthxbai.
10:46 PM Mar 31st via txt

@nick00031 "Getting screamed at by your googler" sounds positively filthy. So you're probably wise to avoid that.
11:36 PM Mar 31st via web in reply to nick00031

Jeebus that's an ugly baby. It looks like a Klingon.
11:34 AM Apr 1st via txt

@denniskeesmaat @acediscovery Re sneezing, an adult once told me with a straight face "saying thank you kills the fairies." An adult.
12:38 PM Apr 1st via web in reply to denniskeesmaat

So far, this site-specific performance seems to be an elaborate plot to get me to a dark alley.
6:36 PM Apr 1st via txt

This alley is a "legal graffiti area." I would have thought that defeated the object.
6:42 PM Apr 1st via txt

This venue is run by Kevin Spacey's Old Vic. I'm not the first man lured into a dark alley by Kevin Spacey (etc etc.)
6:51 PM Apr 1st via txt

OMG for a split second I thought I saw one of those popping arm veins that means I iz fit. *fancies self a bit*
12:08 PM Apr 2nd via txt

Loved tonight's #ashestoashes opening voiceover. "My name's Alex Drake and... your guess is as good as mine."
10:43 PM Apr 2nd via web

I'd forgotten quite how offensively bad Shark Tale is.
11:50 PM Apr 2nd via web

This last hour before Dr Who is going to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag, isn't it?
5:25 PM Apr 3rd via web

I'll need to watch #DrWho again before I judge it but so far I'm very excited.
8:19 PM Apr 3rd via web

I loved how he's quite a rude, abrupt Doctor, I hope that stays and isn't just a mid-regeneration thing. #DrWho
8:20 PM Apr 3rd via web

Also loved the opening credits & how much they've remixed the feem toon, but weren't we promised the Doctor's face in the credits? #DrWho
8:22 PM Apr 3rd via web

Oh dear, I hadn't planned on having a lie-in this morning but apparently my body had other ideas.
11:36 AM Apr 4th via web

Wait, what? There's a University of Plymouth building in Greenwich? PLYMOUTH?
1:27 PM Apr 4th via txt

Rather predictably, Easter Sunday has not had a good effect on my diet.
9:46 PM Apr 4th via web

My iPod played Pachelbel while I was walking by the river. I felt all civilised.
7:00 PM Apr 5th via txt

Oh thank fuck. I thought that was the fat one from Blue but it isn't. I was worried he was stalking me.
7:14 PM Apr 5th via txt

Who brings luggage to a promenade performance? I mean I've got a small bag but... suitcases?
7:21 PM Apr 5th via txt

Oh cool: http://tinyurl.com/ydbvbc8 I like Miranda Raison.
11:58 AM Apr 6th via web

Have already written Thurs & Fri's LC articles because I want tomorrow free to start on *gasp!* the 2nd draft of my play.
2:21 PM Apr 6th via web
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