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Tweet and lowdown 4: One of those bodybuilding pensioners

Contrary to what I said in my first tweet of last week, I don't think I did have a cold after all; I think it was actually my hayfever kicking in quite early this year. I almost wish it had been a cold because at least that would have been gone by now, whereas hayfever'll be giving me sneezes and that horrible itchy throat for months to come. Elsewhere on Twitter, it was an exciting week because Grace Dent (Guardian TV reviewer, occasional TV show panelist and lowculture icon) replied to one of my tweets. I'm almost embarrassed about it though because it was in reply to a fairly cliched "Guardian/bad spelling" joke. Ah well, here's my tweets from the last week:

Boo, I've definitely got a cold now. That's what happpens when the weather changes every five minutes :(
8:50 AM Apr 7th via web

Dammit, I knew announcing my plans to write was a jinx. Have instead ended up feeling unwell and consequently napping all afternoon :(
4:21 PM Apr 7th via web

Well if there's no Damages what am I supposed to do with myself?
10:47 PM Apr 7th via web

How long have Benicio del Toro and Dexter Fletcher been the same person?
12:05 PM Apr 8th via web

Wow, has half of London bunked off work to sunbathe?
3:12 PM Apr 8th via txt

Double Sleb Spot: Harry Lloyd & Rupert Friend, Leics Sq. (3rd Harry Lloyd spot, he's stalking me. I'm ok with that.)
5:31 PM Apr 8th via txt

Sleb Spot: Julian Ovenden looking scruffy on Haymarket. Unf.
6:23 PM Apr 8th via txt

It's 10:15pm and I could still get away with no coat. Bloody weird thing, "the weather."
10:17 PM Apr 8th via txt

Ew, ew, ew. Craiiiiiiig David in @AttitudeMag looks like one of those bodybuilding pensioners.
11:58 AM Apr 9th via web

Right, today I actually DID stay awake and start on 2nd draft (well, the "exciting" note-making stage of 2nd draft anyway.)
4:05 PM Apr 9th via web

I'm in a t-shirt! I'm outdoors! I'm outdoors in a t-shirt! (I have brought a coat for later though, I'm not THAT optimistic)
4:30 PM Apr 9th via txt

Had a lie-in; have lost another 2 lbs; Being Human Series 2 DVD arrived; Doctor Who later. Not a bad start to the day.
11:45 AM Apr 10th via web

@gracedent Pfft you can tell that's bootleg. It's spelt right.
12:10 PM Apr 10th via web in reply to gracedent

Well, that was odd #doctorwho
7:10 PM Apr 10th via web

Also, the ending: Will the Moff always have a quick next-episode cliffhanger, like Hartnell's era used to? I'd quite like that. #doctorwho
7:19 PM Apr 10th via web

Was I the only person to notice the callback to "The Idiot's Lantern?" (Magpie electricals.) #doctorwho
7:31 PM Apr 10th via web

Ooh! How did I not know about new You Have Been Watching?
10:37 PM Apr 10th via web

I've only ever seen The BIG Questions on the gym TV with the sound turned down, so I assume it's *exactly* like "Big Talk" ...
11:45 AM Apr 11th via web

...with Nicky Campbell shouting "COME ON BOFFINS, IS THERE A GOD OR NOT?" Please do not disabuse me of this notion if I'm wrong.
11:46 AM Apr 11th via web

@D_Hollingsworth "more wordy" - that sounds like me all right LOL.
9:09 PM Apr 11th via web in reply to D_Hollingsworth

@sutty76 That's what I thought about the kids that didn't get eaten - Liz X was a bit of a psycho bitch on the sly to allow all that.
9:11 PM Apr 11th via web in reply to sutty76

@sutty76 I knew I'd forgotten something, not so rare: Nobody has ever died in a Moffat ep except from natural causes, or died then come back
9:25 PM Apr 11th via web in reply to sutty76

@sutty76 I've seen people mentioning Zero, could be a coincidence so far but if it gets said next week that'd be the clincher.
9:44 PM Apr 11th via web in reply to sutty76

Jenny Eclair turning herself into Su Pollard is deliberate, right? Right?
12:30 PM Apr 12th via web

Note-making for 2nd draft: Am now up to Scene 8 (of 14.)
4:20 PM Apr 12th via web

Oi, cunts at TFL: "A bus every 12 mins" isn't meant to include the Not In Service ones. That's 3 now.
10:39 PM Apr 12th via txt

FFS no water in building until "sometime tonight." Had to improvise a shower out of a 5L water bottle and a washing-up bowl.
4:02 PM Apr 13th via web
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