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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
The Tantalus Arms 
15th-Apr-2010 12:07 pm
Maybe it's because I'm meeting up with vanessaw tonight, but I had a dream about the office where we both used to work. In real life Vanessa left there not that long after I did, and is now happpily ensconced in a new job, but for dream purposes she was still working there and for some reason I popped round to see her - I think in fact maybe I was meeting her there before our theatre trip tonight. The premises were two upstairs units in a trading estate, knocked together, and roughly speaking management had offices in one unit, while everyone else was in an open-plan office in the other unit. I came in by the latter as usual, to find everyone I knew still there, and had said hello to a couple of them before noticing the major change in decor: The open-plan office had been converted into a rather plush pub, all done in dark green. Imagine what most Wetherspoons think they look like, rather than the grim reality, and you get the idea. The windows had been covered over and the whole place was moodily lit, with a bar along the wall where my desk used to be, and even a couple of tables where men sat quietly on their own drinking pints. This was far from being a special treat for the people who actually worked there though: The staff weren't allowed to use the bar, and had to do all their usual workload, except at bar tables instead of their desks and without proper lighting. The whole purpose of remodelling the office seemed to be a Tantalus-like torture method, to put the staff in the middle of a pub and not let them use it.

Through the corridor I could see the other unit, used by management, and this was very different, but no less weird: Brightly-lit, it seemed to be in a state of decay, with water dripping from the ceiling and occasional electrical sparks flashing from bare wires. I continued talking to people, who mentioned the changes that the boss had made. I never saw this boss which is a shame because it sometimes sounded like the Fearless Leader who was running things when I was there, and sometimes like the one who took over around the time I left. Since one was a man and the other a woman, I'd have been interested to known what the hell this person looked like.
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