nick730 (nick730) wrote,

Risky business

There's been a short supply of "fun things for Friday" the last couple of weeks, but even if I don't have something for everyone, at least I've got something for triomakesmehot. Although I'd put money on her already knowing about this, especially since it's been rumoured for months. So basically instead of something for everyone, I have nothing for anyone. Which at least sounds fair.

Still with me? Me neither. Oh yes, here you go: As rumoured, Dan Radcliffe will return to Broadway in How to Succeed in Business Without really Trying next year. It is a musical. Which I assume means DanRad's vocal coach will have a full diary for the next year. Unless he's planning on doing sprechgesang (don't knock it, it worked for Rex Harrison.)

In any case, I guess this means that someone will be putting off another London trip a bit longer, as she's probably got a couple of visits to Broadway she'll want to make? And who knows, maybe this'll be what sends me on that New York trip I've been very vaguely intending to make ever since I left work...
Tags: daniel radcliffe, friday

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