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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 5: Like a hussy! 
21st-Apr-2010 12:28 pm
As usual when I've got a lot of theatre trips, last week was fairly quiet for me on Twitter, and to start with (unsurprisingly enough) I was mainly tweeting about the 48 hours our building went without running water. I did get a bit more communicative from the weekend onwards though, and last night there was a new hashtag game that was right up my street (I always love the made-up-facts ones, and last night's subject matter was a bit of a goldmine...)

Still no running water! Without going into details, before long flushing is going to become An Issue.
8:51 AM Apr 14th via web

Watergate (heh) goes into its third day. Thames Water have to dig the road up, starting at 7am...
12:35 AM Apr 15th via web

It took 48 hours to get our water back. 4hrs for Thames Water to fix it, 44 for them to admit it was their job to fix it in the 1st place.
12:32 PM Apr 15th via web

I guess today was my weekly "unable to stay awake" day.
5:28 PM Apr 16th via web

Wahey, I'm another 2lbs lighter...
10:21 AM Apr 17th via web

Off for a walk in the sunshine while it lasts...
11:56 AM Apr 17th via txt

Can't believe all these people wearing coats, I'm in a t-shirt getting a tan.
12:02 PM Apr 17th via txt

Well, I *nearly* succeded in only buying 3 books instead of 6. Nearly's good, right?
12:51 PM Apr 17th via txt

Loved the lack of a "the Daleks are gone forever oh no they're not" ending for bloody once. #doctorwho
7:24 PM Apr 17th via web

Not as sure about the amazing Technicolor Daleks mind #doctorwho
7:24 PM Apr 17th via web

Getting out of bed this morning was not easy. I had to stare extra hard at the Schafernaker photo to make myself go to the gym.
12:24 PM Apr 18th via web

This week's #doctorwho review will just have to wait - I'm off to the park.
1:27 PM Apr 18th via web

Oh well done iPod, an appropriate random choice for once: I'm in the park, you're playing "Parklife."
1:53 PM Apr 18th via txt

I'm flashing bare flesh like a hussy! (Well, I'm barefoot.)
2:08 PM Apr 18th via txt

This weather is when I wish Greenwich had a Caffè Nero. Their iced coffees are so much nicer than Starbucks'.
4:42 PM Apr 18th via txt

Sleb Spot: Robert Webb pram-pushing at the Cutty Sark Tavern. (So I have now collected both Mitchell & Webb.)
4:46 PM Apr 18th via txt

There's SO MUCH DOGSHIT on the pavement today! Was yesterday the London Dog Marathon?
9:20 AM Apr 19th via txt

Boo, lovely Joe Armstrong is ill for tonight's performance of The Empire. I'm trying to change my ticket for one when he's better.
12:12 PM Apr 19th via web

Good good, managed to swap my ticket for a week on Friday.
1:12 PM Apr 19th via web

FFS, the very SECOND I sit down in the sun, to catch it while it lasts, it clouds over? Damn you, Irony!
2:00 PM Apr 19th via txt

Squee! http://tinyurl.com/y379eo5
3:27 PM Apr 19th via web

Although, Jo Grant: "Doctor, you've got a new face!" Doctor: "Er... so do you."
3:40 PM Apr 19th via web

The Burger King #disneyfood
5:43 PM Apr 19th via web

Bedknobs and Breadsticks #disneyfood
5:44 PM Apr 19th via web

Thank flip it's nearly Glee time! It's ages since I was in the flat on a Monday night, turns out they're boring.
8:53 PM Apr 19th via web

Shue getting off with Idina Menzel is creepy given she looks EXACTLY like Rachel. #glee
10:41 PM Apr 19th via web

Chris Moyles can't get back into the UK. See, the ash cloud isn't all bad.
11:45 AM Apr 20th via web

I think the sunshine's set off a dormant Mediterranean gene in me than needs a siesta after lunch.
3:23 PM Apr 20th via web

Twat Spot: Boris. Just about resisted temptation to kick him off his bike, but it was a close call.
7:23 PM Apr 20th via txt

Lee Ryan doesn't actually like elephants that much but has to pretend he does after All That Trouble #LeeRyanFacts
11:23 PM Apr 20th via web

Lee Ryan's "Memento"-style tattoos include "left," "right," "you are Lee Ryan" and "breathe in then out" #LeeRyanFacts
11:33 PM Apr 20th via web

RT @helencairns Lee Ryan is still waiting for his first period. #leeryanfacts
11:37 PM Apr 20th via web

Lee Ryan's ideal job would be with RyanAir, because they have the same name. #LeeRyanFacts
11:40 PM Apr 20th via web

Lee Ryan signs into hotels using the pseudonym "Lee Ryan" #LeeRyanFacts
11:42 PM Apr 20th via web
21st-Apr-2010 01:45 pm (UTC)
What's your Twitter addy?
24th-Apr-2010 09:42 pm (UTC)
I've added you on Twitter now.

I'm thinking you must live in zone 5 or something - bearing in mind the amount of times you manage to get to theatre.
25th-Apr-2010 01:02 pm (UTC)
Zone 3 (although my local tube is both Zones 2/3.)
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