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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 7: Oh applause, how I've missed you! 
5th-May-2010 12:59 pm
Today is National Ferret Day, I thought I should remind you in case anyone needs to appreciate a ferret and doesn't want to miss their chance. Apparently they're increasingly popular as pets for professional types 'cause they sleep a lot so it doesn't matter if their owners have an erratic schedule. No, me neither, you learn something every day. I think it's still frowned upon to put them down your trousers though, besides which I'm not sure why anyone would want to. But enough of that, here's the roundup of my Twitter activity from the last week:

Fat old naked man bending over with your balls hanging out like a dog's, are you trying to turn me straight?
10:05 AM Apr 28th via txt

Oh honestly, all I do is have a quick nap and next thing I know the world's gone silly again and it's all "equal rights for bigots."
2:40 PM Apr 28th via web

Sun readers will have priority booking for the Wizard of Oz. "If I Only Had A Brain" will now be done as an audience singalong.
5:08 PM Apr 28th via web

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies was a funny idea, but not enough to spawn a whole genre. Jane SLEyre? Really?
6:51 PM Apr 29th via txt

First time for everything: Saw Nicholas de Jongh in the street & DIDN'T accidentally call him a cunt within earshot.
6:59 PM Apr 29th via txt

Ow, gym showers way too hot again today.
11:33 AM Apr 30th via txt

Lullapie #curefoodsongs
12:16 PM Apr 30th via web

Squee! Assassins at Union St Theatre this summer! Everybody's got the right to be happy...
4:50 PM Apr 30th via web

Sleb Spot: Keith Allen having a piss after watching The Empire at Royal Court.
9:22 PM Apr 30th via txt

This whole season's going to be a Moffat puzzle-box story, isn't it? #doctorwho
7:18 PM May 1st via web

It's been half an hour, why hasn't the internet exploded in fury over Horny!Amy yet? #doctorwho
7:42 PM May 1st via web

I'm feeling a bit nonspecifically under the weather today. Is there a vitamin for that?
12:17 PM May 3rd via web

Just re-watched the "remember when you were 7" scene from Dr Who. Observant people are right, it *so* is a later version of the Doctor.
8:03 PM May 3rd via web

And now of course I'm annoyed with myself for not spotting it, but fair play, it was subtly done.
8:04 PM May 3rd via web

@sutty76 Interesting - we'll definitely be seeing the rest of that tiny scene from ep1 where little Amelia hears the TARDIS again anyway.
8:10 PM May 3rd via web in reply to sutty76

Yeesh, #glee was tedious tonight.
11:41 PM May 3rd via web

Totty Tuesday: Stubbly student clambering over scaffolding & doing pull-ups. Monkey magic!
1:06 PM May 4th via txt

Aw, yay for lovely Eddie Redmayne getting a Tony nomination.
3:26 PM May 4th via web

Is there some kind of anti-prize for most abrupt bar service? I nominate the Tricycle's bar.
7:32 PM May 4th via txt

Perils of sitting in the front row: I got dragged onstage to do a tequila shot (I'm teetotal.)
10:23 PM May 4th via txt

@sutty76 Twelfth Night. That bloody Shakespeare, mummy told me he was a bad influence.
10:49 PM May 4th via web in reply to sutty76

@sutty76 He's been dead for 400 years - HA, THAT'LL TEACH HIM! (I did get applause though; oh applause, how I've missed you!)
10:55 PM May 4th via web in reply to sutty76
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