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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: The Diary of a Nobody 
6th-May-2010 01:27 pm
Back to the still-massive pile of Times classics and one from "Humour" week, George (or "Gorge" according to the book's spine, but it's a freebie, you can't expect them to check every little detail...) and Weedon Grossmith's The Diary of a Nobody was a spoof of the many personal diaries that were being published in the late Victorian era, and was originally published as a serial in Punch. So inevitably there's a lot of topical jokes (a lot of references to bicycle magazines are very noticeable as a running gag) that haven't quite stood the test of time but apart from that the ramblings of middle-class Mr Pooter, gaffe-prone and ever-flummoxed at his son Lupin's devil-may-care lifestyle, are still incredibly endearing. I particularly liked his excitement every time he makes a joke he's particularly proud of, and his confusion when his friends Cummings and Gowing don't get what's so funny about their names. There's also something rather sweet to him, especially in his obvious affection for his wife Carrie. Definitely one of those lesser-known "classics" that turns out to be a pleasant surprise.
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