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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: Gentlemen of the Road 
8th-May-2010 03:35 pm
Having a quick sit-down after a morning wandering Stratford in the rain, so just time to mention the book I finished reading on the train here yesterday. Gentlemen of the Road is Michael Chabon's short tribute to the swashbuckling adventure genre, two very different "Jews with swords" (Chabon's working title for the book) wandering the Middle East, picking fights and getting caught up in a rebellion to restore the rightful ruler to the throne. I have to admit for about half the short book (200 pages in total) I found it hard to care as the two went from one adventure to the next, but once the ongoing storyline properly kicked in I felt a lot more involved in things and started to enjoy it - not one that'll be staying in my memory for a long time though.
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