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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 8: Elaborate Tudor deathtrap 
12th-May-2010 12:35 pm
Bit of a weird Twitter week for me, because for the first time I felt as if I was tweeting more for the sake of this weekly roundup than for Twitter itself. The thing is, last weekend was mine and aka_kelly's long-planned trip to Stratford Upon Avon, so I couldn't stay up to watch the election results (just as well since we didn't end up getting a new PM - and don't get me started on that - until yesterday) because I had to be up early for the train the next day. And while the twitterverse was understandably all about the results and the hung parliament, I was off having a nice weekend away and seeing the sights, so couldn't really join in anyway. So I mostly just texted a load of stuff about Stratford as it occured to me, to have a bit of a reminder of my trip...

Colin Baker as Inspector Morse? Hahahahahahaboink http://tinyurl.com/2wqxbbu
12:37 PM May 5th via web

Scene One: Morse tries to strangle Lewis.
12:38 PM May 5th via web

Voted this morning; for a change I wasn't the only person there. #ukvote
1:23 PM May 6th via web

(At the Europeans a couple of years ago the polling station was so quiet, I've never seen people so excited to see me enter the room.)
1:25 PM May 6th via web

Oh usher at the Almeida, your eyes are AMAZING!
7:21 PM May 6th via txt

Scully Spot: Gillian Anderson at the Almeida, in a flowery dress.
8:50 PM May 6th via txt

Well I do hope nothing important's been going on while I was out...
11:19 PM May 6th via web

First impression of Stratford Upon Avon: Quite Shakespeary (could be Shakespearier.)
1:52 PM May 7th via txt

My hotel room has a slopey floor. I quite like it, it feels olde-worlde. Olde Slopey Worlde.
4:49 PM May 7th via web

Although the bed's on castors and now I'm wondering if it'll go hurting across the room in the middle of the night.
4:57 PM May 7th via web

Having had a (perilous) shower, I'm now wondering if this room is some kind of elaborate Tudor deathtrap.
5:19 PM May 7th via web

Sleb Spot: Forbes Masson from The High Life (& last night's play) in Stratford U A.
1:23 PM May 8th via txt

OK, so a lot of Stratford shops are named after Shakespeare characters but Iago, really? At least it's not a hanky shop.
3:02 PM May 8th via txt

This just in: Late-night drunks in Stratford do not, I repeat NOT chant in blank verse.
10:46 PM May 8th via web

Well of course, after nonstop rain yesterday, today we're leaving it's all sunshine.
8:58 AM May 9th via txt

Shop name: Romeo & Juliet's Adult Boutique. Oh Stratford, you're quite fun.
10:25 AM May 9th via txt

Much Ado About Toys? Shop name FAIL!
11:06 AM May 9th via txt

Train cancelled with 15 mins to go! FFS! Replacement bus (when one turns up..)
11:48 AM May 9th via txt

Home now; fortunately the overall delay wasn't bad enough to spoil my weekend.
3:57 PM May 9th via web

Well if the section needs to be filled in, why does the form say it doesn't? Crystal Mark my arse. #tryingtorenewmypassport
2:11 PM May 10th via web

I'm really looking forward to going bowling tonight, is that sad?
3:56 PM May 10th via web

I booked tonight's play ages ago... No longer have a clue what it's about. Well, guess it'll be a surprise.
6:49 PM May 11th via txt

Do we have an official nickname for Cameron now he's PM? 'Cause I'm going for "Thatcher."
10:15 PM May 11th via web
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