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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Awesome, albeit quite angry 
18th-May-2010 12:17 pm
I usually round up all my lowculture articles of the week in one post, and I do have one more to write this week but these are meant to be previews after all, and linking to them after the event is a bit pointless. Especially since this one is a week late anyway, Charlie Brooker's Radio 4 show So Wrong It's Right started last week. Not my fault by the way - Brooker only tweeted that the show even existed about a minute before it went on air, how was I supposed to know? Anyway, it was fun last week so here's a preview in time for the second episode: You have been listening.

Coincidentally, last night penny_p went to the recording of Lord Charlton's TV show, You Have Been Watching. A friend of hers had a spare ticket, Penny had never even seen the show before (I would have gone in her place but of course I was busy gawping at Rhys Rusbatch at the Young Vic.) She said everyone was very funny but she had no idea who any of them were. Twitter tells me this week's guests were Reginald D. Hunter, Sarah Millican and Peter Serafinowicz, so you'd think my sister would have heard of at least one of them, but there you go. She clearly doesn't watch enough TV, wastes her time studying for "nursing" or something pointless like that, I don't know, some people.
20th-May-2010 07:46 pm (UTC) - You have been watching
HA HA!Yes it's true I didn't know anyone.I thought the woman looked a bit like Jane Horrocks.Peter Serafinowicz was quite cute(but I could only see his right profile).Reginald D. Hunter was definetly the funniest out of all of them.I actually chuckled a couple of times.Who knew. xxx
20th-May-2010 07:54 pm (UTC) - Dr Who
Oh and I forgot to say...Amy had her picture taken by the tardis but wouldn't pose next to the Matt Smith cardboard cut out.And I got you a little(but highly practical)Dr. Who pressie..not sure when I'll see you to give it to you though.xxx
21st-May-2010 11:38 am (UTC) - Re: Dr Who
Practical is good! And I'll see you in about 3 weeks' time for Beautiful Thing :)

You had quite a good selection of guests, you were lucky - not as good as last week's when they had Victoria Coren and David Mitchell, but funny all the same.
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