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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 9: TV gays are usually called Toby 
19th-May-2010 01:32 pm
After I texted one particular tweet on Saturday, dave_rc wanted me to make it clear that he did not actually call Evil Alex the mayor of Munchkinland. He said he was the mayor of Munchkin City, which is completely different.

I just done a lowculture front page article, go look at it (it's been a while.)
9:02 AM May 12th via web

@marctendo I got it deliberately wrong for HILARIOUS COMIC EFFECT!
9:10 AM May 12th via web in reply to marctendo

*phew* Shy Fittie's back at the gym, I was worried I'd stared & scared him away.
11:56 AM May 12th via txt

Who was the first-ever Hollyoaks gay? Was he called Toby? TV gays are usually called Toby. Anyway Sleb Spot at the Arcola.
7:47 PM May 12th via txt

Sleb Spot: Douglas Henshall, also at the Arcola.
7:55 PM May 12th via txt

Applying makeup to your tits: A new one for the "please don't do this in public" list.
11:15 AM May 13th via txt

At last, a Hamlet I feel no need whatsoever to see! http://tinyurl.com/35h6pm2
11:39 AM May 13th via web

Who will Michael Sheen do Hamlet as an impression of? I say Kenneth Williams. "To be ooooooooohhhr not to be?"
11:42 AM May 13th via web

Dear Post Office cunts: if you spot 2 errors on my passport form could you not have told me both, instead of sending me away twice?
2:12 PM May 14th via txt

Wow - someone randomly came up to me in the supermarket to tell me I'm doing well at the gym.
4:43 PM May 14th via txt

Oh, so me saying Alex in his green suit looks like a leprechaun is wrong, but Dave calling him the mayor of Munchkinland is OK?
10:24 AM May 15th via txt

Evil Alex and I sang almost the entire score of Avenue Q at his CP reception. Neither of us even drinks.
3:16 PM May 15th via txt

Must have been more tired than I realised, couldn't get out of bed until 12. No time for gym so tomorrow's going to be agony...
2:34 PM May 16th via web

Blimey, how many times is the weather going to change today?
4:42 PM May 17th via web

OK, now ALL OF A SUDDEN my legs hurt like hell from this morning's workout. Good job I have to sit down & watch a play now.
7:40 PM May 17th via txt

I love when I get out of a show & it's still daylight, just about. It feels all summery.
9:15 PM May 17th via txt

Can I claim Rhys Rusbatch as mine before he gets famous and *everyone* fancies him?
11:04 PM May 17th via web

@nick00031 Sadly the nipple was only available live, not in any publicity shots. Maybe soon an image with both nipples visible will turn up.
11:11 PM May 17th via web in reply to nick00031

@merseytart I've been a mental since 1995, it's much more fun than "reality."
9:26 AM May 18th via web in reply to merseytart

OK weather, this, right now, is how you should always be: Warm & sunny but with a nice cool breeze.
11:36 AM May 18th via txt
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