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Tweet and lowdown 11: Two entirely different things

It must be the Bank Holiday just gone, I nearly forgot it was Wednesday today. Not that I've tweeted a lot in the last week, but this weekly roundup does include what may be my most bad-taste tweet yet, at the news that Daniel Boys has joined Gregg Lowe in the cast of Wolfboy.

If people are so worried about the cost of us doing the Olympics, why are they so desperate for us to host the World Cup as well?
12:16 PM May 26th via web

I don't think I've ever seen a pub with an outdoor pool table before.
7:37 PM May 26th via txt

Just got an email entitled "Katy Brand/Funny Women." You don't often see spam advertising two entirely different things.
5:31 PM May 27th via web

Playwright Spot: Jonathan Harvey at his new play in Hampstead.
7:03 PM May 27th via txt

*tsk* now J Harvey & friends crowding where I was standing to be clearly visible when Jan arrives.
7:06 PM May 27th via txt

Honestly, this week people just seem to WANT to be run over by buses.
11:44 AM May 28th via txt

I knew there was a reason I'd booked to see Wolfboy again - @danielboys has joined the new cast.
12:41 PM May 28th via web

.@danielboys and @Greggoires on the same stage? The ushers'll be mopping semen off the front row every night. (Too far?)
12:42 PM May 28th via web

Genuinely lost sleep last night over what changes Avenue Q will have to make now Gary Coleman's dead.
11:59 AM May 29th via web

@helencairns "I haven't felt this good since I... *cross out "sued my parents," replace with "was alive."* Sorted!
12:23 PM May 29th via web in reply to helencairns

I wonder if the person who owes me (and a load of other people) an apology even realises it...
1:03 PM May 30th via web

Four consecutive days without theatre and I'm slowly going insane. I think I may have an addiction.
8:14 PM May 30th via web

@helencairns Thanks but I think that makes you an enabler.
8:39 PM May 30th via web in reply to helencairns

I'm sleeping so much lately, I think needing to get up for the loo every so often is all that's stopping me from slipping into a coma.
5:04 PM May 31st via web

Was the "Rachel is named after Rachel from Friends" line there solely to make me feel old? #glee
11:43 PM May 31st via web

@marctendo She even paused a bit so you could work out if that was physically possible. If she's meant to be 16 (ha!) it is :(
11:54 AM Jun 1st via web in reply to marctendo

I'm not sure what this play's supposed to be about. I'm not convinced the writer knows either.
8:41 PM Jun 1st via txt
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