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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: The Naming of the Beasts 
19th-Jun-2010 12:11 pm
Following straight on from the cliffhanger ending of Thicker Than Water, Mike Carey's fifth Felix Castor novel, The Naming of the Beasts, is more than any of the series best read in the correct order, because it brings together a lot of ongoing threads from the previous four books. Having been a constant presence in the background, this time around Asmodeus, the demon trapped in Fix's best friend's body, is on the loose and the main threat. Since much of the book's opening involves refreshing the reader on background, it took a while for me to really get hooked, but things really kick up a notch when Carey introduces the subplot of a haunted swimming pool, a storyline that's very creepily conveyed. From there on the whole story really gets going, to a pretty bloody conclusion. There doesn't seem to be a sixth novel announced yet and The Naming of the Beasts does tie up a lot of ongoing storylines, so it may well be intended as the final book in the series. There are, however, a few hints of possible new directions if Carey and his publishers decide to continue; many of them rely on the fact that he's firmly established the rules of his alternate universe (where in the last decade or so ghosts, zombies and a form of werewolf suddenly became an everyday occurence) so when these rules start to bend and break the signs are that something worse might be on the way. If this is the finale then it's a satisfying enough wrap-up but I'm hoping Carey has more Fix books up his sleeve.
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