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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 16: "Whatever, keep it, see if we care" 
7th-Jul-2010 01:06 pm
So one of this week's hashtag games was #shittributeacts; I assumed it meant rubbish tribute acts but no, it was quite literally shit tribute acts. Look, Twitter is the wittier of the social networking sites 99% of the time, but it can have a day off, right?..

It's not racist if that bloke's afro made me think "70s sitcom!" is it?
3:26 PM Jun 30th via txt

Rihanna singing the line "I like the way it hurts" is surely pushing irony to its limits.
12:56 PM Jul 1st via web

Emperor Clementine #scififood
12:50 PM Jul 2nd via web

Looks like I'm going to Pride tomorrow...
6:30 PM Jul 2nd via web

Just waiting for Evil Alex to arrive & the parade to start. The two aren't connected... I think.
1:32 PM Jul 3rd via txt

Pride Spot: That Gay off Shipwrecked.
4:03 PM Jul 3rd via txt

At least vuvuzelas have been kept to a minimum - I was worried there'd be more #pride
5:08 PM Jul 3rd via txt

Yeah, it's getting to the point where being sober is a disadvantage now. #pride
5:44 PM Jul 3rd via txt

The Small Faeces #shittributeacts
9:42 PM Jul 3rd via web

Jobbie Osbourne #shittributeacts
9:45 PM Jul 3rd via web

The Mamas and The Poo-pas #shittributeacts
9:47 PM Jul 3rd via web

Cowpat Benatar #shittributeacts
10:00 PM Jul 3rd via web

Paul Dung #shittributeacts
10:02 PM Jul 3rd via web

LL Stool J #shittributeacts
10:03 PM Jul 3rd via web

Enema Bunton #shittributeacts
10:06 PM Jul 3rd via web

Barry Shite #shittributeacts
10:08 PM Jul 3rd via web

Happy 4th of July, Americans: Celebrating the day we said "whatever, keep it, see if we care."
1:02 PM Jul 4th via web

Been ages since I was the first person at bowling - in this weather I bet it'll be quiet this month.
6:58 PM Jul 5th via txt

132 first game! I think that might be my best-ever score.
8:43 PM Jul 5th via txt

@Barcles I spent all night trying to stop myself mentioning how much that bloke looked like David Mitchell.
11:52 PM Jul 5th via web in reply to Barcles

Yeesh, my abs feel like they're bruised. My trainer's latest exercise idea is lethal.
9:48 AM Jul 6th via txt

Ugh, Twilight on the cover of the Radio Times, is there no escape?
3:52 PM Jul 6th via txt
(Deleted comment)
7th-Jul-2010 04:27 pm (UTC)
Well have you ever seen Evil Alex arriving & the parade starting at the same time in the same room?

No, he was late so the parade started without him and we had to go further down the street to catch up with the fire engine.

Gays don't like football so why would there be vuvuzelas? :P

Because gays like loud noises (hence all the whistles...)

Do you know for certain it wasn't David Mitchell?


What is this latest exercise idea? It doesn't involve a stick does it?

No but it involves a ball. Three jackknifes followed by one push-up, ten times; three sets of those. I did it again this morning. Still sore.
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