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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 17: jealous/aroused 
14th-Jul-2010 12:52 pm
This being my big epic theatre week, most of my tweets have been on the way to or from various theatres, including another visit to Stratford Upon Avon, just for a day trip this time...

The Predators poster makes me chuckle every time. "Who's a bit like Arnie?" "How about Academy Award Winner Adrien Brody?" "Bingo!"
9:56 AM Jul 7th via txt

Got another full scene written today - I'm about halfway through the second draft now.
2:44 PM Jul 8th via web

Even though it's constantly being "repaired," the National Theatre site still crashes the second tickets go on sale...
9:12 AM Jul 9th via web

FFS if there's only one self-checkout working & there's a queue behind you GET OFF THE FRACKING PHONE!
12:21 PM Jul 9th via txt

I actually WANT to have an afternoon nap today, so I bet I stay wide awake.
1:00 PM Jul 9th via web

Not even 8am yet & already it's pretty hot. Blimey.
7:56 AM Jul 10th via txt

Have arrived in Stratford U A in plenty of time, despite Chiltern Railways' best efforts to the contrary.
11:46 AM Jul 10th via txt

So! Much! Coffee! *bounce*
12:43 PM Jul 10th via txt

Watching Morte D'Arthur in Stratford. Which is all very well, but Python CANNOT BE UNSEEN!
2:53 PM Jul 10th via txt

Sorely disappointed at the lack of a big cardboard hand descending from the heavens.
2:55 PM Jul 10th via txt

@nick00031 No holy hand grenade but there's a big unbeatable knight on stilts. I was convinced he was going to lose all his limbs...
8:40 PM Jul 10th via web in reply to nick00031

@nick00031 There was also a load of stuff about the Spanish Inquisition but I think Malory was a bit confused there.
8:42 PM Jul 10th via web in reply to nick00031

The last three plays I've seen have had titles in Foreign. Only one of them has actually been foreign though. < / "fascinating" facts>
9:19 PM Jul 10th via web

"If You Were Gay" on my iPod followed by Gina G. Er...
9:49 AM Jul 12th via txt

I was going to do cardio today but my legs are so knackered from yesterday I could barely get out of bed.
11:11 AM Jul 13th via web

RT @RadShef Loved the Express headline about gay immigrants coming here to listen to Kylie? You'll like this then http://bit.ly/agWmXx
11:22 AM Jul 13th via web

Some days I'm extra glad not to have to spend all day surrounded by the newspapers...
11:23 AM Jul 13th via web

Wow, geeky Nero barista has awesome triceps *jealous/aroused*
6:45 PM Jul 13th via txt
(Deleted comment)
14th-Jul-2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
But no cigar.
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