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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Forking hell 
26th-Jul-2010 01:09 pm
I remember quite a bit more of the dream I had last night, especially one sequence of it. This was one of the ones where I was actually doing something rather than watching, but it still felt like a movie - specifically a spooky ghost story. There was me as part of a group of other people - presumably people I know in real life but I can't remember who any of them were - and we were going through a number of setpieces involving this ghost or ghosts. There was a library involved, which I'm pretty sure was the library from my old University, so a 1960s blocky building, not an old-fashioned, traditionally creepy building. But other than that the dream didn't seem to be set in Exeter. There was also an annual marathon involved in some way, I think the ghost appeared in the library every year on marathon day. As I say there were a few vague scenes involving some kind of ghostly events, but then one sequence that I remember quite specifically, where we went to a restaurant. This was a bit of a gimmicky restaurant, the gimmick being that you waited for your group to be called out, but if they were busy instead of being called to a table, you would be called to act as waiters to another table. Anyone who got picked to help out, then got their own meal for free. Our group did have to wait on another group, who were already seated, and we had to lay the table. Each of us got given one kind of utensil, and I had the forks. I started going round the table laying them down, but the diner complained that I'd given him a spoon. I tried again - I definitely had a handful of forks - and every time, by the time it touched the table it was a spoon. This was the ghost's doing, and after a couple of attempts I actually watched the fork as I lowered it towards the table, and could see it morphing into a spoon. The customer also saw this happening so couldn't complain too much, there was clearly something freaky going on.

With this dream I had another rather unusual experience in that I could feel myself waking up (and may even have got as far as hitting the snooze button) but the dream kept dragging me back, wanting to finish. Not in the usual way of finding it hard to wake up, but very specifically as if the story wasn't over yet and I wasn't allowed to wake up until the solution. Which involved me working out that the ghost wasn't actually haunting the library at all, it had died somewhere else on the marathon route and would haunt the whole race every year, but was only visible in the library (I guess before the library was built the race ran a slightly different route.) Not the most astonishing of plot twists but evidently my brain was determined that I needed to get to it - maybe it was me watching Sherlock last night, my brain was in a mode not to be satisfied without a solution.
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