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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 21: This has not resulted in sex 
11th-Aug-2010 12:47 pm
So this week's main theme to my tweets was obviously the endless journey to Stratford Upon Avon and back; and silly submarine TV show The Deep, which is completely rubbish and bonkers, but sadly not in quite as sublime a way as Bonekickers, which is obviously what we'd been hoping for.

My facebook account's been spamming; see every time someone tells me that FB *isn't* a pile of shit and I should rejoin, they're wrong.
1:03 PM Aug 4th via web

If The Deep really WAS "Bonekickers in a sub" then the entire ocean should have vaporised as soon as Minnie Driver touched the water.
1:56 PM Aug 4th via web

@stevenperkins I do like the exposition though. "As you know, you are the first officer, which means your job is as follows."
2:01 PM Aug 4th via web in reply to stevenperkins

@pretinama Haha I totally thought that massive other sub was going to teleport them to another planet. (And then they'd break it.)
5:44 PM Aug 4th via web in reply to pretinama

Oh, I'll just go get lost then, shall I? (Thinking of checking out the hedge maze in Trafalgar Square.)
1:06 PM Aug 5th via web

Typical - the minute I get to the maze they close it for 45 mins!
3:40 PM Aug 5th via txt

Theatrical Spot: Jolyon Coy with bleached hair for his Aryan play, behind me in maze queue.
4:57 PM Aug 5th via txt

(I fancy him less when he's a Nazi, you'll be pleased to hear)
4:59 PM Aug 5th via txt

Maze verdict: Harder to get into than to get out of. Not worth a half-hour wait...
5:39 PM Aug 5th via txt

Yay, I got £1 off the programme price just for being awesome! (Or possibly because the usher can't do maths)
7:16 PM Aug 5th via txt

Oh yeah, and belated Least-Funny-One-On-Mock-The-Week Spot: Andy Parsons, Waterloo Bridge.
10:54 PM Aug 6th via web

Oh great, train to Stratford cancelled. Alternative route "may" get me there on time.
9:04 AM Aug 7th via txt

This train is full of AC-tors. So it's far too noisy to read my book.
10:07 AM Aug 7th via txt

Wow, thanks train conductor, for telling me where to get off for a nonexistent bus!
11:32 AM Aug 7th via txt

Well I'm about to start the trip home, now with at least 1hr's extra travel time. Bonus!
5:29 PM Aug 7th via txt

Ah well, at least it should cure me of going to theatre out of That London, for a while anyway.
5:31 PM Aug 7th via txt

I've been uncharacteristically starting conversations with strangers today. This has not resulted in sex - movies lie!
6:28 PM Aug 7th via txt

Well I'm glad I've already got Design For Living tickets now that Andrew Scott's profile has suddenly gone through the roof #sherlock
10:49 PM Aug 8th via web

Today's been a bit of a non-starter, to be honest.
8:16 PM Aug 10th via web

Ah well, it's nearly time for Boatkickers...
8:46 PM Aug 10th via web

So it's Russians not alienses? I'm disappointed #thedeep
9:19 PM Aug 10th via web

"I don't know what you're thinking. I don't know what I'm thinking. I don't know what the writer's thinking." #thedeep
9:29 PM Aug 10th via web

Every time someone calls James Nesbit "Clem" I expect to see a cheerful demon with loose skin. Which would be more attractive. #thedeep
9:32 PM Aug 10th via web

Asian History Boy surely the next one to cark it y/n? #thedeep
9:33 PM Aug 10th via web

"You're a scientist, be scientific." I think we have our new "Don't mess with me, I'm an archaeologist!" #thedeep
9:36 PM Aug 10th via web

Handy how the sign on the door explained in great detail what the control room was for, no acronyms or anything #thedeep
9:42 PM Aug 10th via web

Oh noes, beardy man is going to turn evil and kill Asian man #thedeep
9:51 PM Aug 10th via web

In other news, Nesbit is dressed as my grandad watching telly. All he needs with that shirt and cardie is some Werthers #thedeep
10:04 PM Aug 10th via web
(Deleted comment)
12th-Aug-2010 11:26 am (UTC)
Yeah a lot of shows introduce characters like that, it's annoying but it really is nothing compared to The Deep - that's proper Basil Exposition territory.
(Deleted comment)
12th-Aug-2010 01:54 pm (UTC)
Dunno, a lot of films seem to have a variation in the "sis" line early on.
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