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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Twain station 
20th-Aug-2010 04:09 pm
Another rather random collection of stuff for Friday, starting with another dream, where this time I was at a small railway station, crossing from one platform to the other by walking across the tracks. This didn't seem to be me breaking rules, this seemed to be the accepted, if dangerous, way to get from one place to another - the platforms actually dipped down to the ground at the end so you could cross when there were no trains around. On reaching the other side I saw Jonathan Ross sitting on a bench. When he saw me he said "Oh, I've got those books I promised you!" and proceeded to give me a pile of graphic novels (possibly Hellblazer) which I put into my backpack. There were already far too many, the bag was much too heavy but he kept on giving me more books to add to the bag until I couldn't lift it any more.

Last week I posted about Russell Tovey joining Twitter, and immediately posting photos of himself in a state of undress. His friends then all took the piss out of him for this so he didn't do that this week. Instead, he plugged a perfectly legitimate art exhibition from one of the Being Human directors, which features photos of actors in their dressing rooms. By a complete coincidence, this involved posting a photo of himself in a state of undress.

A yes, A Miracle (on the monitor over his head you can see the notorious in-the-round set I mentioned in my review at the time.) A pretty gloomy play, but I remember having pretty positive memories of it, can't imagine why.

Right, enough of that - this made me laugh, what with its total accuracy about what kids really think:

Have a nice weekend. Unless you're a flower, obviously.
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