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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Must be all that water 
25th-Aug-2010 04:57 pm
On Monday I managed to stay awake all afternoon after a workout, but wasn't so lucky this afternoon and completely conked out from about 2pm until I forced myself to get up and have a coffee at 4. I think my mistake was trying to watch last night's episode of The Deep (I want to be caught up for slagging it off on Twitter again for next week's finale.) Clearly it was far too dull to stay awake through - the most interesting thing was the "scar" on Tobias Menzies' cheek, which looked like someone had smeared jam on his face. What with all that water on screen, and the rain pouring down outside, I dreamed about needing to pee.

The dream started at the entrance to the leisure centre where my gym is (members who want to use the gym have a separate turnstile entrance where we swipe our membership cards, so we don't have to queue with people wanting to pay for other stuff at the leisure centre; but for the last couple of weeks the turnstile's been out of order.) So I went via the regular entrance, which then involves going the long way behind the reception desk, and I could hear the receptionists muttering something about how the turnstile wasn't going to get fixed and how "they'd have to find something to spend the £50 on." Up until now the geography of the gym was pretty accurate to real life, but now dream geography kicked in with lots of long, random corridors. Needing to go to the loo, this was no longer the same building so I couldn't go to the changing room, instead I found a gents' that was only a tiny area with a sink, and two cubicles, both occupied. One door opened and an incredibly tall, thin man stepped out. I moved to one side so he could get out and I could get in, but he kept standing in my way, smiling broadly and disconcertingly. I had to actually ask him to get out of the way, which he did, but once I got into the cubicle he was so tall that he was just looking over the top of the door. Again I had to ask him to stop doing that, and getting an inkling that he was mentally disabled rather than scary, I came out again and asked him if he was there with someone, he pointed outside. I grabbed some paper towels and asked if he'd washed his hands, which he did, then took the paper towels from me to dry them. I somehow managed to get the door open so he could go outside, where I heard someone talk to him, so obviously he had come with a carer; and I finally got to go to the loo myself.

Yeah, sorry, scary looming man had some interesting potential but as tends to happen it all degenerated into a rather dull dream about me needing to pee.
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2nd-Sep-2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
No, I don't really watch chat shows.
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