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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 24: It's certainly cheaper 
1st-Sep-2010 04:49 pm
We're into September already, so here's the final week's worth of August tweets. Including the last episode of The Deep, about which it's fair to say that, like everyone else watching it, I'm no wiser about what the plot was actually meant to be than I was before the series started. In other news, Rubbish Tranny off Hollyoaks replied to me linking to my Merry Wives review, possibly not noticing the fact that I'd praised pretty much everything about the production except his performance. Oh and I spotted Jesse off Glee buying juice in Pret, but nobody seemed to care about that.

Ha! Personal Trainer worked out with me after 2 weeks' resting himself cos of a cold. Ended up looking deader than I did.
12:12 PM Aug 25th via txt

Otherwise-cute boy with "Grandad" tattooed ON HIS NECK! OK, this silly fad can finish now, thanks.
12:41 PM Aug 25th via web

Apart from anything else, in 40 years' time his grandkids will think he's got his own name written on his face.
12:43 PM Aug 25th via web

Oh - the ever-changing weather forecast now looks good for Saturday - fingers crossed it stays that way.
2:10 PM Aug 26th via web

Merry Wives of Windsor review: http://nick730.livejournal.com/469874.html With Rubbish Tranny off Hollyoaks as the young lover *boke*
12:25 AM Aug 27th via web

Fortunately the much-trumpeted @attitudemag "issues issue" is indeed rather good, but unfortunately what with Olly Murs, Liz Jones...
1:04 PM Aug 27th via web

...and Doctor McSleazy on the back cover, I don't think I've ever had to rip out so many pages. AND BURN THEM.
1:04 PM Aug 27th via web

I was annoyed Servant To Two Masters is going to star James Corden, then I remembered Dr Who and how he's not as hateful when he's acting.
7:16 PM Aug 27th via web

Appropriate random iPod lyric: "You took the sun out of my summertime." It's August. It looks like rain.
2:51 PM Aug 28th via txt

Sleb Spot: Jonathan Groff off Glee, Pret on St Martin's Lane.
6:34 PM Aug 30th via txt

I do like the poster tagline for The Lion King: "Imagine it!" It's certainly cheaper than actually buying a ticket.
12:06 PM Aug 31st via web

Time to put #thedeep out of its misery at last...
9:03 PM Aug 31st via web

I see Tobias Menzies still has that raspberry jam smeared on his face #thedeep
9:10 PM Aug 31st via web

Comedy CGI moment! (I think they did the animation with a flick-book) #the deep
9:23 PM Aug 31st via web

I have no idea who's currently alive or dead. Then again, given some of the acting, I've been unsure from the start. #thedeep
9:26 PM Aug 31st via web

So I take it giving Vince a random injection will turn him from walking corpse into SUPERMAN & he'll save them all? #thedeep
9:35 PM Aug 31st via web

"Fuck it, let's do a bit with ghosts and that." #the deep
9:38 PM Aug 31st via web

"I hope those whales know where they're going." Me too, I hope they're leading you to HELL! #thedeep
9:45 PM Aug 31st via web

"Nothing you witnessed can be spoken of." No problem, I haven't got a fucking clue what I just witnessed. #thedeep
9:47 PM Aug 31st via web

There's 10 minutes left - they can still get some aliens in there! #thedeep
9:49 PM Aug 31st via web

I might be willing to forgive #thedeep if Sacha Dhawan makes himself available to me for sex purposes. Maybe.
10:03 PM Aug 31st via web

The sequel will show them returning to the sea to dispose of all known copies of this series #thedeep
10:06 PM Aug 31st via web
(Deleted comment)
2nd-Sep-2010 12:11 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately watching The Deep automatically switches off all brain functions so I have no conclusive thoughts on it.
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