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Now that we're into September there should be a few more TV and theatre shows to write about on lowculture than there have been in recent weeks; I've got three articles planned for this week already. First up, I take it nobody will be the remotest bit surprised that I'm previewing today's new BBC Three show Him & Her given who the leading man is. But, Tovey or not Tovey¹ I still have my doubts about whether I'll like this - the trailers make it look pants and I had mixed feelings about writer Stefan Golaszewski's stage show last year - so I'm making this pretty much an "approach with caution" preview: And so to bed.

¹that is the question.²

²given that he's got minimal experience of acting in Shakespeare it's unlikely we'll ever see Tovey play Hamlet, so we might as well use up that terrible pun now.
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