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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 25: Bandied about at random 
8th-Sep-2010 12:37 pm
This week on my Twitter feed, more X Factor commentary, and a few Theatrical Spots (I've started using that as a variant on Sleb Spots, because some of the actors I recognise, only people who go to the theatre as regularly as me would have heard of; so "Sleb" is perhaps pushing it sometimes.)

In the course of one morning, saw two different people with blond-highlighted mullets. There are more things in heaven & earth...
11:20 AM Sep 2nd via txt

These are fantastic: http://tinyurl.com/3yj4ad4
12:45 PM Sep 2nd via web

Harry Shearer used to date Ruby Wax? No wonder Mr Burns has issues. #radio4
6:35 PM Sep 3rd via web

@K8Wilding She interviewed him on Chain Reaction. I say interviewed, I mean of course asked him questions then answered them for him.
9:56 PM Sep 3rd via web in reply to K8Wilding

Thanks, The Moff: No Daleks in Series 6 #doctorwho
10:35 PM Sep 3rd via web

My abs are so sore! I'd better have at least a four-pack waiting for me under this fat.
11:30 AM Sep 4th via web

I'm feeling too knackered for a walk really, but this might be the last bit of sun we get for a while. Think I'll go to the park.
1:20 PM Sep 4th via txt

Topical graffiti in Greenwich Park. http://twitpic.com/2l8ce9
6:54 PM Sep 4th via Twitpic

Next week I'm seeing a play about Bedlam, where people paid to laugh at the mentally ill. I don't know what made me think of that. #xfactor
7:32 PM Sep 4th via web

"Sing it like you've never sung a song before." That's what most of them do, and see how that works out. #xfactor
7:49 PM Sep 4th via web

"I want the boys this year." Oh Louis, the punchline writes itself. #xfactor
8:06 PM Sep 4th via web

Go on Simon, tell her you're refusing to call her Cher. "Your name is now Brenda." #xfactor
8:20 PM Sep 4th via web

Really? This is a "big cheer" performance? I thought it was a little girl in her mum's shoes in front of the mirror. #xfactor
8:22 PM Sep 4th via web

It's good how "Cheryl's favourite audition so far" is a genuine compliment that isn't bandied about at random #xfactor
8:26 PM Sep 4th via web

They act like teenagers, but they do look like 40-year-old dinnerladies. #xfactor
8:38 PM Sep 4th via web

*insert Cheryl/punch/lollipop joke* #xfactor
8:39 PM Sep 4th via web

Has Nigella had a stroke or did she always speak that slurrily and I didn't notice?
8:43 PM Sep 4th via web

Cool, I'm sure this T-shirt was tighter on me a couple of weeks ago. That must be a little bit more belly gone.
11:14 AM Sep 5th via txt

Ooh - if things go to plan the tube strike shouldn't affect my trip tomorrow too badly... fingers crossed!
1:20 PM Sep 6th via web

Been writing; the nude scene's survived into the second draft #quellesurprise
3:12 PM Sep 6th via web

2 strikes in a row = won the first game with 109.
8:42 PM Sep 6th via txt

I've been 8 days in a row but I'm skipping the gym today. The fact that I can barely walk may be a factor.
11:23 AM Sep 7th via web

Theatrical Spot: One of the peripheral ones from Posh, at the Arcola.
7:47 PM Sep 7th via txt

Theatrical Spot: Jack "bastard son of David Tennant & Daniel Radcliffe" Laskey, also at the Arcola.
9:43 PM Sep 7th via txt
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