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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Book review: Hell's Belles 
22nd-Oct-2010 12:57 pm
The fourth of Paul Magrs' Brenda & Effie novels is Hell's Belles, and the cast of characters has really expanded (although a couple of the regulars, Sheila Manchu and Jessie the womanzee, are absent after being left in Hell in the last book) with their regular sidekick Robert being joined by his new assistant at the hotel, Penny, and Lisa the hair and makeup girl from the "Most Haunted" spoof a couple of books ago. The latter is back in Whitby because this installment features a crossover with Magrs' book To the Devil - A Diva! about a seemingly ageless 1970s horror movie star. Karla Sorenson is in town to shoot a remake of her most famous film Get Thee Inside Me, Satan, a film which is alleged to carry a terrible curse to anyone who watches it.

The 500 pages really race by in yet another very witty installment, that does leave a lot of plot strands hanging, but at this point that's just encouraging that there's plenty more books planned in the series. I do see this as something that'd be a great TV series - maybe it's the fact that the reviews on the book jacket always compare Magrs' writing to Alan Bennett, but I always mentally cast Brenda (aka the Bride of Frankenstein) as Patricia Routledge.
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