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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 33: I approve of this corruption 
4th-Nov-2010 11:00 am
I usually do a roundup of my week's tweets every Wednesday, but Twitter hasn't been letting me on since Tuesday night so I couldn't access them. Eventually I ended up clearing my cache which solved it, but in a rather unexpected way - the godawful #newtwitter was gone and I was back to the old version, which doesn't have all the bells and whistles but does that wacky thing of actually working properly. Hurrah. Now I just have to see how long I can keep refusing to go back to #newtwitter before the "upgrade" becomes automatic...

@helencairns Carving Swedes? That's appalling. Although I suppose brutally knifing Scandinavians is appropriately Halloweeny.
4:24 PM Oct 27th via web in reply to helencairns

Either the woman sitting next to me is a bit sweaty, or she's made an unfortunate perfume choice.
8:55 PM Oct 28th via txt

It must have been perfume 'cause she topped it up in the interval. Either that or she rubbed cheese & onion crisps on her armpits.
10:29 PM Oct 28th via txt

No, sorry, I can't take you seriously as a punk in a We Will Rock You shirt.
11:20 PM Oct 28th via txt

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternating Frankenstein and the Monster at the National next year? Um... interesting.
12:09 PM Oct 29th via web

Cheryl Cole's album is called "Messy Little Raindrops." Just when you think you've heard every euphemism for cum...
6:21 PM Oct 29th via web

Sleb Spot: Alistair MacGowan, Menier bar.
9:17 PM Oct 29th via txt

So am I right in thinking The Event is awesome, or am I just being distracted by how much I want to do the lead?
2:10 PM Oct 30th via web

@kerrymctweety I love how it was all Ep 1: "What is this epic mystery like Lost that will go years without any satisfactory answers" and...
3:40 PM Oct 30th via web in reply to kerrymctweety

@kerrymctweety ...then Ep 2: "Oh here's the answers." I like that the writers know what's going on, it makes a change.
3:40 PM Oct 30th via web in reply to kerrymctweety

I think the Forbidden Planet staff are meant to be zombies, but they look like they put lipstick on in a car with bad suspension.
5:30 PM Oct 30th via txt

Young kids in Avenue Q shirts: I approve of this corruption of our youth.
5:58 PM Oct 30th via txt

Well the Ave Q finale was great - lots of little extras for the fans, and some guest appearances.
11:03 PM Oct 30th via txt

8:01 PM Oct 31st via web

"Yeah, the group song was becoming an embarrassment so we've demoted them to their rightful place as backing singers." #xfactor
8:06 PM Oct 31st via web

Oh Dermot, you didn't for a second believe their mikes were switched on at any point did you? #xfactor
8:09 PM Oct 31st via web

So, 35 minutes into "The Results." Can we start getting the results now? #xfactor
8:35 PM Oct 31st via web

Ah well, bye bye Belle End. There's only so many more times they can save Hatey though... #xfactor
8:41 PM Oct 31st via web

Wait, this isn't "kooky." I thought that was Hatey's REAL IDENTITY? #xfactor
8:51 PM Oct 31st via web

"Yeah, Hatey's vocal actually managed to be worse than Belle End's, but we're going to save her anyway." #xfactor
8:52 PM Oct 31st via web

My psychic powers are telling me Hatey might discover an entirely new identity next week, since "kooky" didn't work. #xfactor
8:56 PM Oct 31st via web

Simon, you can't say "it's quality not quantity" over only having 1 act, when you've just been pretending you rated Belle End. #xfactor
9:08 PM Oct 31st via web

"There's a lot of love out there for Katie." Yes but most of it's from Katie herself. #xfactor
9:10 PM Oct 31st via web

Hee - #psychoville doing "The Eye."
11:03 PM Oct 31st via web

"You're not turning my chamois into a vagina." #psychoville
11:06 PM Oct 31st via web

I'm sure Hazel on #genius is Matt Lucas in drag.
11:10 PM Oct 31st via web

@stevenperkins Sob stories aren't enough any more - make sure you also have NO CONFIDENCE!
12:05 PM Nov 1st via web in reply to stevenperkins

Look what's appeared on the side of my building http://twitpic.com/32ykrn
2:26 PM Nov 1st via Twitpic

@K8Wilding His identity's so secret, maybe I am him and I just don't know it.
2:36 PM Nov 1st via web in reply to K8Wilding

Someone on the bus is talking into his phone "Apprentice-style." Oh telly, look what you've done!
10:08 PM Nov 2nd via txt
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