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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 36: Such horrors 
24th-Nov-2010 05:34 pm
Apparently after my personal trainer saw my first tweet of last Wednesday he decided to inflict the same thing on everyone that day, so if I'm anything to go by a lot of people had very sore abs right up to the weekend (I know, it's not the first thing you'd think of hurting from push-ups but you'd be surprised.) Other than that it's all been the usual, me ranting about telly and a couple of new theatre productions announced that got me excitable.

Chest day at gym consisted of an hour of variations on push-ups *iz ded*
10:42 AM Nov 17th via txt

Wow, tax rebate! Like an early birthday present!
12:15 PM Nov 17th via web

"I took her up somewhere nice. Kenya." I've never heard it called that before #royalwedding
5:09 PM Nov 17th via web

"Your eyes have been alluring us for weeks." Just hump her leg Dara! #apprentice
10:19 PM Nov 17th via web

Dara's colour-blindness does explain why he invariably says "ooh it's close" to a sea of red. #apprentice
10:31 PM Nov 17th via web

The question is, do I want to book to see Frankenstein twice? And if not, do I want to see B Cumberbatch as Frankenstein or the Creature?
1:03 PM Nov 18th via web

I'm actually a bit tempted by the Glee tour....
4:48 PM Nov 19th via web

Right, I can't let Twitter distract me for too long, I've got to go watch an elf die.
10:27 AM Nov 20th via web

Lazy Decorator: Too lazy to dress himself properly this week. & singing about toe-jam is unfortunate for someone who looks unwashed #xfactor
8:08 PM Nov 20th via web

"I'm not going to let anything get in the way of me winning. Least of all my lack of talent." #xfactor
8:19 PM Nov 20th via web

"We're giving them more complex harmonies. Well, their backing singers anyway." #xfactor
8:27 PM Nov 20th via web

So the only two who could sing a bit can't any more? HOW IS THIS AN IMPROVEMENT? #xfactor
8:28 PM Nov 20th via web

Zayn forgot to do his tuneless echoes! *sadface* #xfactor
8:30 PM Nov 20th via web

Rebecca's from Liverpool you say? This is new information! #xfactor
8:32 PM Nov 20th via web

Oh iTunes, everyone guessed you were sponsoring this episode days ago, no need to make it so blatant. #xfactor
8:33 PM Nov 20th via web

"I grew up with The Beatles." Wow, Rebecca's older than she looks. #xfactor
8:38 PM Nov 20th via web

@RadShef She doesn't need to be humble when she has NO CONFIDENCE. #xfactor
8:39 PM Nov 20th via web in reply to RadShef

RT @helencairns I believe in Yesterday, because yesterday I hadn't heard this abomination.
8:39 PM Nov 20th via TweetDeck
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"We all love the Beatles so much, none of us are doing their actual tunes." #xfactor
8:42 PM Nov 20th via web

"That was up there with your best, best performance." So, a bit "meh" then. #xfactor
8:47 PM Nov 20th via web

Wrong week, John Lewis ad! #xfactor
8:51 PM Nov 20th via web

I love that Frog Chorus is trending. It could still happen, if Hatey's personality is "kooky" again this week. #xfactor
9:08 PM Nov 20th via web

Don't make me think about Hatey "stripped back bare" Simon. Only Michael Sophocles and James Blunt deserve such horrors. #xfactor
9:19 PM Nov 20th via web

@K8Wilding oh I preferred HBP! It stands up a lot better as a film in its own right.
1:09 PM Nov 21st via txt

Looks like @AlistairGriffin got into the top 40!
4:05 PM Nov 21st via web

@AlistairGriffin At least it would have been appropriate to the song. It's called "Just Crash" or something isn't it?
4:11 PM Nov 21st via web in reply to AlistairGriffin

RT @davidschneider To decide who you want to be King, dial 0990 44331 for Prince Charles, 0990 44332 for Prince William, 0990 44333 for Wagner
4:12 PM Nov 21st via TweetDeck
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Well done @AlistairGriffin - no. 38, and with the Beatles to contend with this week as well.
4:21 PM Nov 21st via web

@pretinama *tsk* yes, he did the song for the Grand Prix credits and it charted on downloads.
5:29 PM Nov 21st via txt

Who says ITV don't have quality control? They've just played the same #thecube trailer three times in the same ad break.
6:45 PM Nov 21st via web

Kelly Holmes got Damed too soon, what's she got left to look forward to? Unless she becomes Baroness Holmes of Running Quite Fast. #thecube
7:07 PM Nov 21st via web

Every contestant's introduction consisted of a second of them going "Aaaaargh!" #xfactor
8:03 PM Nov 21st via web

There just won't be another double elimination until they finally decide it's time for Hatey to go is there? So not until the final #xfactor
8:32 PM Nov 21st via web

Seriously, WHO is taken in by Hatey's persona-of-the-week? #xfactor
8:37 PM Nov 21st via web

"I'm gonna go with the person who gets us in the papers more." #xfactor
8:52 PM Nov 21st via web

Wahey, actually managed to book the tickets I wanted before the National's site crashed!
8:38 AM Nov 22nd via web

Rupert Goold directing Merchant of Venice - looks like I've got another trip to Stratford next year...
2:16 PM Nov 23rd via web

Watching last night's Delphi documentary. All the "know yourself" references are just making me associate it with Aisleyne.
3:31 PM Nov 23rd via web

Those Phil Collins album posters are creepy. What a SINISTER CHILD he was before he became a rubbish adult.
5:34 PM Nov 23rd via txt

Aw, the pair of Baby Gays in the row in front of me are *adorable*
10:01 PM Nov 23rd via txt
(Deleted comment)
16th-Dec-2010 03:49 pm (UTC)
Either that or the show's become even more predictable! (I got the order of the top 4 right as well. Well, of the top 5 but everyone knew Mary was going to come 5th.)
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