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Shower scene

If you watched last night's episode of Misfits you've probably got a fair idea of what my "something nice for Friday" is going to be this week. (Actually within the last hour I've been alerted to something equally mind-blowing but that will have to wait a couple of days because I LITERALLY¹ can't handle both these things at once.) Anyway before the sexy thing we'll have the thing that made me laugh because frankly there's no chance I'd come back to the funny video once I got distracted by the photos.

So first up, as probably even the Americans and Other Aliens know by now, next year we're going to have the honour of paying for a Royal Wedding between a posh man and his not-quite-as-posh-but-hardly-born-in-a-skip-regardless-of-what-the-Daily-Mail-says woman. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the plebs to be distracted from whatever the government decides to do next and we'll be able to buy lots of memorabilia - handily made from china, so you can smash them to commemorate the divorce. Or, as this funny YouTube shows, you could just make your own:

As well as "cystitis... medicine..." my favourite thing is the chapped nail varnish.

Anyway on to the other thing and just so we're clear, I've liked Iwan Rheon for a couple of years now so I was doing "I told you so" face at my computer last night as "the internet" suddenly became aware of his hotness when that happened in last night's Misfits. The rest of this post has gifs and spoilers so I'm putting it behind a cut but suffice it to say that even bearing in mind I liked him already I was not expecting him to look this good with his shirt off...

What really seemed to get the ladies excited though was a bit later in the episode when...

And even when he was clothed he was dressed as a superhero so...

But nobody's capped the shot of his arse yet? I mean I know it was through frosted glass but I'd have thought the internet would have got there by now.

And just so we're clear I loved this episode overall as well - the villain of the week story was a bit rushed but clearly Future!Simon and the arc that's building up was the main focus. Rheon was great at playing a totally different version of his character - I got the impression this was something you occasionally get on Sci Fi and Fantasy shows (because the genre allows it to make sense) where the writer thinks one of the actors is being underused and wants to show the audience just how talented they actually are by giving them something totally different to play. Like the Fred/Illyria storyline in the final season of Angel (I always think that's an incredibly audacious move that gets forgotten a lot of the time because it was overshadowed by the show's cancellation.) Anyway Misfits is so good so far this series, plus everyone's now finally caught on to how hot Iwan Rheon is. Well tough, I saw him first.

¹not literally
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