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Tweet and lowdown 39: Rebecca dreams she can walk

Last time, for now, that my Twitter feed is mainly taken up with X Factor rants, a relief to us all I'm sure. The downside is I now have to find something else to tweet about to make it look like I've got a life.

Someone please invent a remote control with a built-in phone so I can call it and find the fucker.
4:08 PM Dec 8th via txt

Why has it taken me 10 weeks to notice that Jamie looks like Quagmire from Family Guy? #apprentice
10:00 PM Dec 8th via web

Sleb Spot: Christan Cooke, Barbican. Nipples not visible.
7:12 PM Dec 9th via txt

@merseytart His voice was being badly dubbed by someone else.
7:18 PM Dec 9th via txt

Sleb Spot: Dead Bradley off Eastenders, also at Barbican.
7:30 PM Dec 9th via txt

Sleb Spot: Natalia Tena (Tonks from Harry Potter) Moorgate Tube.
10:24 PM Dec 9th via txt

Mad traffic at North Greenwich - a JLS concert just ended at the O2.
10:43 PM Dec 9th via txt

Last night's #misfits - let's face it, the gorilla was Series 2's "talking dog" moment, wasn't it?
10 December 2010 17:31:15 via web

During The Event's ad breaks I'm circling my Xmas viewing in the Radio Times.
10 December 2010 21:29:20 via txt

@K8Wilding I'm still on the 21st so it's not got exciting yet. At least, I assume it gets exciting at some point.
10 December 2010 21:33:46 via txt

So, do Wallace and Gromit own Christmas now? Radio Times cover *and* the stamps. And BBC idents a couple of years ago...
11 December 2010 11:34:15 via web

Dear the Tricycle, Filter's Twelfth Night was not universally acclaimed. I didn't acclaim it, nor did the other theatre blogger I know.
11 December 2010 16:31:07 via web

And so begins FOUR HOURS of #xfactor this weekend. *hangs self*
11 December 2010 19:00:27 via web

"I find it hard to find the words." So, forming a sentence: Latest in the list of things Cheryl can't do. #xfactor
11 December 2010 19:33:13 via web

Haha, love Louis' not-so-subtle "what the fuck are you still doing here?" #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:00:16 via web

"I don't wanna do this anymore." Thank fuck we're agreed on something at last Matt. #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:06:08 via web

"Rihanna really wanted to duet with Matt. She knew how much she was going to pwn him." #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:08:40 via web

*crosses fingers for Rebecca / Cilla duet* Honkathon. #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:10:12 via web

It's good how these duets aren't PAINFULLY UNDER-REHEARSED or anything. #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:13:10 via web

"We all admire him. Because he managed to escape his boyband and get a solo career, just like we all want to." #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:19:49 via web

Where is the love? Ungrateful little cow, the judges have been writing your name on their pencil cases all series, there's the love #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:27:37 via web

"Matt has the voice of an angel. Specifically, the Archangel Michael, Bringer of Bad News." #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:32:18 via web

Rihanna's killing two birds with one stone - performing *and* getting a gynaecological exam at the same time. #xfactor
11 December 2010 20:36:55 via web

BBC2 are being very cost-effective, they've used the same Xmas idents for the last three years.
11 December 2010 22:16:10 via web

I keep seeing people on t'internet describing Rebecca as "flawless." Which I guess she is, apart from all her flaws. #xfactor
12 December 2010 19:29:09 via web

"You can't help thinking how big are these guys gonna be?" Well just wait and see Cheryl, they're not done growing yet. #xfactor
12 December 2010 19:41:24 via web

"We know that Louis can sing." HOW? HOW DO WE KNOW THIS? #xfactor
8:07 PM Dec 12th via web

Sweet Dreams. Some people dream they can fly. Rebecca dreams she can walk. #xfactor
8:11 PM Dec 12th via web

Poor the Rebecca, nobody wants to bake her face into their dinner. #xfactor
8:16 PM Dec 12th via web

Don't cheer the word "is," silly audience people. #xfactor
8:30 PM Dec 12th via web

Bloody hell, did Cowell actually sound a bit like his emotion might be *gasp* genuine? #xfactor
8:35 PM Dec 12th via web

Oh good, it's been ages since we were reminded Rebecca has NO CONFIDENCE. #xfactor
8:56 PM Dec 12th via web

Dermot, don't ask Rebecca complicated questions like "what's your favourite memory from the show?" #xfactor
8:59 PM Dec 12th via web

Can Stacey not just win retrospectively please? #xfactor
9:21 PM Dec 12th via web

"You've got work to do now Matt." "WHAT? I DON'T DO WORK!" #xfactor
9:24 PM Dec 12th via web

So a white male has won the X Factor. Good, because that's always been a recipe for chart success in the past. #xfactor
9:31 PM Dec 12th via web

"Beyonce. The first fragrance from Beyonce." I wish I knew where these perfume-naming people got their ideas from.
9:34 PM Dec 12th via web

A sitcom idea is percolating. If I co-opt the personality of anyone reading this for a character, er, well sorry in advance.
3:50 PM Dec 14th via web

If I *don't* put you in my sitcom don't worry, it just means you're TOO BORING. Just so you know.
3:52 PM Dec 14th via web

@pretinama Is Milton Keynes not, then, the adrenalin capital of Europe? Was I misinformed?
5:10 PM Dec 14th via txt
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