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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 42: Yogurt that makes you poo 
5th-Jan-2011 04:39 pm
It's not just this blog that's gone quiet this week; with no shows to go to and a cold that's kept me in bed stuck in front of the telly there's been not been much to tweet about either. And with me not going into London to spot celebs, they've had to come to me. Well, if you can call one of Phixx a celeb...

Bah. I've definitely got another cold coming on.
12:23 PM Dec 29th, 2010 via web

Think again, McCutcheon - you said 2010 was The Year Of Yogurt That Makes You Poo, you're not having 2011 as well!
10:18 PM Dec 29th, 2010 via txt

Glad I started writing my 2010 theatre review a day early, I'd never have got it all done tomorrow. 200 shows to go through!
4:34 PM Dec 30th, 2010 via web

Rejected (for being too accurate) title for Love Story - The Musical: "My Wife WHO IS DEAD - The Musical."
11:32 PM Dec 30th, 2010 via web

Suchet got his CBE for services to public nudity.
12:17 PM Dec 31st, 2010 via web

I guess the Wilton/Staunton/Imrie damehoods got lost in the post. Again.
12:19 PM Dec 31st, 2010 via web

Toast was indeed as good as everyone said it was. And lots of Dusty!
8:40 PM Dec 31st, 2010 via web

Happy 2011, Twitter.
12:00 AM Jan 1st via web

.@danielboys and @Julie_Atherton on stage together again - might have given myself whiplash booking so fast http://tinyurl.com/32nuk8p
12:50 PM Jan 2nd via web

Going walkies on the Peninsula just to get out of the flat.
1:37 PM Jan 2nd via txt

Former Sleb Spot: The gay from Phixx walking past my building.
2:08 PM Jan 2nd via txt

RIP Pete Postlethwaite, glad I got to see him play King Lear.
11:24 AM Jan 3rd via web
5th-Jan-2011 07:29 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I haven't either, but the "good" in that is that you should be getting that proper email I've been promising you for awhile in a few minutes.

Hope you feel better soon!
6th-Jan-2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I'm fine now. It wasn't even a particularly bad cold, if it had been any other time of year I'd have just got on with things but the combination of no theatre for a week, my personal trainer being on vacation (and the gym being closed completely for quite a few days over the holidays) and the weather not being too exciting meant all I wanted to do was stay in bed and watch DVDs LOL. I really need to catch up with my gym trips over the next three days though or I'll collapse from being out of practice once my trainer's back on Monday LOL.

Definitely sounds like you've got the worst of it at the moment, hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the email, I'll try and reply properly over the weekend.
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