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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 43: (PS: *unf*) 
12th-Jan-2011 11:53 am
Pretty much back to my usual amount of tweeting this week, with the usual mix of sleb spots, ranting and unsuccessful attempts to twitter-flirt with Russell Tovey (look, if he goes around tweeting about his nipples, he knows damn well what's going to happen.)

Yeesh, you can't take your eye off the weather for 5 minutes, I could have sworn it was blue skies, now it's cloudy.
12:03 PM Jan 5th via txt

@pretinama Auntie BBC is calling it Twenty Eleven so that's the law now. It's also what I was calling it already, which helps.
5:44 PM Jan 5th via web in reply to pretinama

I've been marathoning Supernatural Season 5 the last few days. Rather good, apart from the over-reliance on (literally) deus ex machina.
12:44 PM Jan 6th via web

...and having Jared Padalecki play multiple characters seems a bit foolhardy considering he can barely manage one.
12:45 PM Jan 6th via web

@BeeLikeJ He paid attention during those Smell The Fart acting classes, I'll give you that.
2:27 PM Jan 6th via web in reply to BeeLikeJ

Made an effort at gym today, in a desperate attempt not to instantly drop dead on Monday when my trainer returns and it's business as usual.
2:24 PM Jan 7th via web

It's all fun and games until a REAL #helenworthtopless photo turns up, like it did last year. *whimpers at the memory*
4:36 PM Jan 7th via web

Sleb Spot: Eddie Redmayne, Earlham St. (PS: *unf*)
7:15 PM Jan 7th via txt

Yikes, Soho Theatre is fucking baking!
7:42 PM Jan 7th via txt

OK, l was worried that l hadn't worked out properly yesterday but now l'm in pain so that's fine.
10:05 AM Jan 8th via txt

Cool, managed to get through and buy Tennant/Tate Much Ado tickets without breaking the bank.
11:45 AM Jan 8th via web

It's a few weeks into the run though, I wonder if Tennant's back will hold up.
11:46 AM Jan 8th via web

@RadShef Judging from the trouble I had booking (website crashed, finally got through on phone) I wouldn't leave it too long.
11:53 AM Jan 8th via web in reply to RadShef

Very windy today! The weather, not my bottom.
1:11 PM Jan 8th via txt

Ha! #radio4 were just asking if the Bible should be banned 'cause the Solomon story is quite similar to the #eastenders baby-swap.
2:21 PM Jan 8th via web

@russelltovey Mine go blue in the sun, which surely can't be right.
5:51 PM Jan 8th via web in reply to russelltovey

Argh! CGI Andrex puppy is creepy. Go back to exploiting real puppies, please.
8:16 PM Jan 9th via web

Looks like I missed the rain while I was in the gym so yay me - fitter AND dry.
10:59 AM Jan 10th via txt

My doctor's surgery now has a touch-screen to tell them you've arrived. It's cool living in the future, but a bit scary.
4:20 PM Jan 10th via txt

Starting to despair of ever getting a proper night's sleep and then being able to get up in the morning.
1:12 PM Jan 11th via web

Exclusive: Victoria Beckham expecting baby girl... or boy: http://t.co/73zXxUu
2:32 PM Jan 11th via Tweet Button

Writing Twisted Tales preview for LC in advance, now I've got the Tales of the Unexpected theme in my head. I'm tempted to do the dance.
3:26 PM Jan 11th via web
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