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Theatre review: Jonny Sweet: Let's All Just Have Some Fun (And Learn Something, for Once)

Again, a stand-up gig really rather than theatre per se but (despite two in the space of a week) I'm not making a deliberate attempt to go to more comedy shows so I won't start categorising them separately. I actually booked this on a whim after going to Soho Theatre last week and seeing the publicity for Let's All Just Have Some Fun (And Learn Something, for Once) - all I know of Jonny Sweet is that I saw him in Party last year but the show's premise, about a man who's obsessed with the recently-decommissioned HMS Nottingham and thinks it's awesome, sounded silly enough to be my kind of thing.

The show's basically a lecture that goes wrong, not least because he doesn't actually know anything about the recently-decommissioned HMS Nottingham except what he's googled. Sweet's stage persona matches his surname 99% of the time - he stands at the door to greet every audience member as they come in, often a bit too enthusiastically with hugs and kisses, especially for anyone who tries to get away (I got a quite-painfully-hard-actually high five from him, and then got my hair ruffled - why do even people much younger than me always want to ruffle my hair? Maybe it's just that it's quite short so they know they won't come away with five different types of styling product on their hand.) Then every so often he flips out and picks on an audience member, although again not in a nasty way.

This was Sweet's Edinburgh show last summer, and tonight was only his second performance in his run at Soho, so not all the shambolic nature of the lecture was deliberate (at least I'm assuming giving the punchline away first a couple of times was an accident) but I enjoyed the show, Sweet gets great mileage out of his geeky enthusiasm for the rather accident-prone ship and cleverly uses the slideshow to take the show off onto new tangents. At 45 minutes it felt a little bit short but there's quite an inventive little sign-off at the end.

Jonny Sweet: Let's All Just Have Some Fun (And Learn Something, for Once) is booking until the 22nd of January at Soho Theatre.
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