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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 45: Mainly involving dogs 
26th-Jan-2011 11:39 am
Another quiet Twitter week for me, and once again the biggest fuss was over a celeb spot - although given my followers, I think Gillian Anderson probably excited them in a slightly different way than Joe McFadden did last week...

Me showering while 2 cute workmen do grouting: It's like porn where the wrong person got naked.
11:24 AM Jan 20th via txt

Sleb Spot: Gillian Anderson in the row behind me, Hampstead Theatre.
8:37 PM Jan 20th via txt

@nick00031 Not even the first time I've Sleb Spotted her. Regular theatregoer, our Scully.
8:43 PM Jan 20th via txt

Also: Making it look like Henry Lloyd-Hughes will take his shirt off & then he doesn't = CRUELTY TO AUDIENCES!
8:44 PM Jan 20th via txt

@nick00031 Well I guess at least you're not asking me to propose, like @thesloppydog did when I saw Joe McFadden.
8:47 PM Jan 20th via txt

@thesloppydog @nick00031 But he'd just have fallen in love with me instead, you'd have resented me, it would all just be so awkward.
10:23 PM Jan 20th via txt

Oh boo, Kathryn Hunter's quit from the RSC's Lear; she was the only reason I'd booked.
11:58 AM Jan 21st via web

Today's spam theme is: Bestiality. Mainly involving dogs, although I spotted a couple of references to pussies.
2:43 PM Jan 21st via web

Being Human Spot: Adrian Schiller (the psychic from S2) Royal Court bar.
6:32 PM Jan 21st via txt

Feeling cold to my bones today.
3:25 PM Jan 22nd via web

Have we been told what this year's @bbcbeinghuman pre-credits teaser theme is? Is it still flashbacks like last year?
2:33 PM Jan 23rd via web

The audio equivalent of slippers and custard creams, the most comforting sound on earth: http://tinyurl.com/4p253oh
3:23 PM Jan 23rd via web

Wow, Michael Socha looks so much like his sister. (And yet I kinda would.) #beinghuman
10:07 PM Jan 23rd via web

Yeesh, so much dogshit on the pavements today. Did one giant dog just scrape its arse between Woolwich and Greenwich overnight?
10:40 AM Jan 24th via txt

Having a really hyper day today.
2:20 PM Jan 25th via web

Just been ranting on lowculture about last night's #glee. It really was shit though.
3:05 PM Jan 25th via web

@pretinama But last night's moral, "be tolerant of atheists, as long as they know they're wrong" plumbed new depths.
6:04 PM Jan 25th via txt

Home at last... Jubilee line was buggered, ended up going all round the houses and getting the DLR.
11:42 PM Jan 25th via web
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