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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Tweet and lowdown 46: Howling like banshees 
2nd-Feb-2011 11:26 am
Wow, I really haven't tweeted much in the last week. Here's what little I had to say for myself, anyway:

"Ibsen's longest play." Is there any more offputting phrase? And yet I'll go if Andrew Scott's in it.
4:43 PM Jan 26th via web

@3rdspearcarrier I'm already getting Danton's Death vibes and shuddering.
6:49 PM Jan 26th via web in reply to 3rdspearcarrier

This morning my iPod seems particularly fond of the various Buffy soundtracks.
9:28 AM Jan 27th via txt

I don't get it. The Take That musical wasn't a hit, so why would anyone think a Fat Bob one was a good idea?
1:10 PM Jan 27th via web

Looking forward to Twisted Tales, I've heard good things. Well, I've heard George Rainsford gets his tits out so like I say, good things.
4:47 PM Jan 27th via web

10 O'Clock Live really did improve this week; it didn't hurt that the audience weren't howling like banshees this time.
12:07 PM Jan 28th via web

Amazon recommends for me... a bag of crisps. What the actual fuck?
1:13 PM Jan 28th via web

*tsk* well if you don't want to get stared at, boy in bookshop, stop looking like James Franco!
6:23 PM Jan 28th via txt

So, that time once I maybe possibly sleb spotted Henry Cavill eating a burger but wasn't sure it was him, I maybe possibly spotted Superman?
6:46 PM Jan 30th via web

@pretinama He's apparently been cast as Superman. I once saw him eating a burger. Or maybe I didn't.
6:48 PM Jan 30th via web in reply to pretinama

If my stats are accurate, a lot more people read my blog than I thought. But hardly anyone comments so it looks like a wasteland.
4:46 PM Jan 31st via web

@BeeLikeJ @D_Hollingsworth Of course I'm just as guilty of it on other people's blogs...
5:12 PM Jan 31st via txt

Why is the gym TV tuned to CBeebies? Maybe if you sweat enough you regress.
10:23 AM Feb 1st via txt

@cjgrinbergs And I guess kids' shows usually have a moral at the end. Whereas the moral of BBC Breakfast is "don't watch BBC Breakfast."
10:52 AM Feb 1st via web in reply to cjgrinbergs

Pleased to hear Grandma's House was recommissioned, but frankly surprised considering the cast outnumbered the viewers.
8:06 PM Feb 1st via web

@emslj It took me a couple of weeks to get into but I enjoyed the whole series, although the Iwan Rheon of it all didn't hurt, obviously.
8:18 PM Feb 1st via web in reply to emslj
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