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So anyway,
Because what the Net really needs is another person sharing his uninformed views
Window Twankey 
2nd-Feb-2011 01:13 pm
I slept right through the night last night - in fact I must have been out cold, when I woke up the bedsheets hadn't even moved - but I feel knackered, as if I didn't sleep a wink. I could nap this afternoon, especially as tonight's show's going to be a long one, but I'd really like to try and keep myself on a normal sleep cycle so I'm trying to get some writing done. Including this, a quick recap of what I dreamed during that heavy sleep last night: I dreamed that I had the window open on the latch but there was a strong wind picking up so I decided to close it. When I got there and took the latch off the wind was so strong it was pulling the handle out of my hand and I was worried that the window could come off its hinges and smash down into the car park. Instead, the whole window frame came loose from the wall. It didn't quite fall out though, it was still attached at the bottom so it was hanging precariously over the car park, concrete dust falling off the sides where it had come away from the wall. I did, though, manage to get the window itself shut now.
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